Avery Watson

Success isn’t achieved on accident. It’s a combination of hard work, learning, studying, sacrifice, perseverance, and most of all, loving what you are doing. Obstacles do not have to stop you. If you run into a wall, never turn around; instead, figure out how to go through it, work around it or climb it. A strong-willed person will persevere through any hardship. Avery “MsArtistry” Watson is a creative who believes in the power of perseverance and endurance, attributes that have enabled her to elevate her status as an entrepreneur.

Avery “MsArtistry” Watson is the CEO/Founder of Multi Artistry Entertainment, a business that focuses on providing public relations, advertising. MsArtistry believes that public relations communications in the current digital age are more than just developing and maintaining a resolute public image.It’s also concerned with authenticity- possessing that signature to allow a company or person to stand out. Her brand and understanding of record labels, agencies, and promotion perpetuated operational functions to run her company Multi Artistry Entertainment. All these are ongoing aspects that continue to give Multi Artistry Entertainment a good reputation, but how did it all start?

Avery “MsArtistry” Watson says that she created this business after losing a short-term job that left her unemployed for a while. During this challenging moment in the COVID era, she began to push through and work on the 10X level showcasing her abilities and potential interests that elevated her career. MsArtistry started reflecting on her life as a teenager growing up in the Bronx. She was in love with dancing, singing, songwriting, playing musical instruments, and writing poetry. She remembered the excitement that she had whenever her creativity was challenged. It was time to do this again and focus all her efforts on being self-employed while doing what she loves most. She knew that perseverance and persistence, despite all the obstacles, needed her to have a strong soul and wittiness.

She acknowledges that it was never an easy endeavor to move up to the next development ladder. Due to this, she resorted to hiring independent contractors for short-term projects instead of having a team of employees. This strategic move reduced her expenses while giving her business a platform and financial pool to orchestrate future growth plans. Her perseverance showed her tenacity- tenacity prompted her creativity, the reason why Multi Artistry Entertainment is consistently on the rise.

Now, Avery “MsArtistry” Watson wants to add business management as a service offered by Multi Artistry Entertainment. She envisions mentoring young women to be steadfast entrepreneurs and notice opportunities and challenges as they arise in their respective life activities.