Argument- Though this one sounds negative, we have been a part of this at least once in our life time. We put all our energy to win the arguments along with our negative emotions like anger, frustration,guilt, stress etc during most of the times.

The sense of victory after breaking someone’s heart with those negative emotions,gives us the pure joy at that time.
Even though , at some instances, we tend to avoid certain arguments, we stumble to control oursef to protect our self respect.

This article mainly focus on how to handle arguments , how they can be classified ,along with a small challenge for readers at the end.

Handling the arguments:

The less we react, the more we can win an argument. By understanding this concept clearly,we can strengthen our relationship bonds easily without spending much time and energy. It doesn’t mean that we should always remain quite when someone is arguing with us. We need to first analyze deeply if this argument is worth to continue further.

Types of Arguments:

Arguments can be classified in two ways.

1. Healthy Arguments
2. Unhealthy Arguments

We all are aware about healthy arguments, that help us grow in one way. But here,let’s see a clear picture about the unhealthy one, when understood,will also help us grow in a different way.

Imagine if you are working in an IT firm. Someone who is in a different profession argues about something which you are more familiar about. The wisest way to win this argument is to stop equally arguing. If you continue to justify the point , it will definitely take your time and energy and at some instances, it can even create a misunderstanding.

So here comes the challenge. For a month, if you come around a situation to be a part of any unhealthy argument, analyze it and stop responding. So that it will help the other person to put an end soon with out dragging it deeper. You can evem post comments about how you felt during that times , which can help others to tackle those situations.

Finally,we all know that ,”Silence is the best reply to a fool “.Remember this always and use this strategy to win any unhealthy arguments in a healthy manner.