Alice Cathelineau has been in graphic design, web, video, digital, events, and media. A career in France strengthened her. She was later employed and acquired first-hand skills as an employee,auto-entrepreneur, then business manager. Today, she supports startups, companies, VSEs/SMEs, retraining people, creators, community managers in development,

students and individuals, and influencers.

Acquiring those skills wasn’t a walk in the park. She had her fair share of challenges that she had to overcome. In this article, Alice Cathelineau shares her distress tips, source of motivation, and some ways in which she avoids getting burned out at work. 

Distress tips

Although taking a break is highly underrated, it works for Alice. She loves taking breaks, cutting the phone, and taking care of herself properly. Secondly, she loves to meet up with friends and family whenever she gets a chance to. She believes that catching up with others helps her to avoid getting stressed. 

Living your passion

You can hardly get stressed and burned out at work if you are doing something that you are passionate about. Therefore, Alice advises people to get jobs that are connected to what they are passionate about. By that, she means that even if you get stressed, that will be ‘good stress.’ She further advises people to start businesses from something they love. 

Success habits

She loves listening to audible books on Amazon. Alice gets inspired by the books, and that helps her get nourished and knowledgeable. Secondly, Alice affirms that she makes ‘to-do lists’ in order of importance. That allows him to do everything she had planned. 

Source of motivation 

Alice is so passionate about her job. It is her number 1 source of motivation. She has the chance to live from creation and multiple projects. She has a chance to work in various industries like fashion, luxury, and aeronautics.

She concludes by advising the starting entrepreneurs to accept and own the failures. That’s the first step to being successful. 


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