Jai Karan Walia

Having the vision and dream to enter the entrepreneurial world is one thing and to making it a strong purpose, putting in every possible effort and constantly moving up, staying resilient and confident towards one’s visions is a different thing altogether. It may take years for people to realize what their heart truly seeks, and some others may not wait for the right time, instead start their journey at a very early age so that they can build up that momentum for themselves and their brands and get nearer their goals to make it huge in the entrepreneurial space. All of this is not as easy as it may sound. However, we have therefore come forward to discuss how new entrepreneurs and their businesses can stay unique in their niches and only move upward and onward from there. 
Small businesses specifically have marketing challenges and one of these challenges is to determine what is their USP or what different they can offer through their business. To help us understand how entrepreneurs and businesses can stay unique, young and dynamic entrepreneur Jai Karan Walia has come forward, an Indian talent who is making his name count across India and UAE for his entrepreneurial ventures, which have been doing exceedingly well. His leading business advisory firm named ‘Clever Corp’ is a great example of his hard work, strong self-belief and passion for making others succeed in the world of business by helping them with setting up new businesses in the UAE region.
He talks about how being unique will take entrepreneurs and businesses to greater success levels.
• Combine passion and innovation: Entrepreneurs must always plan to get into fields they feel passionate about or know have the abilities to create milestones in. This passion, when combined with innovations, can give rise to a brand that will certainly stand apart from others in their niche, just like he made his firm Clever Corp stand apart, which is only on the rise ever since.• Make customer service a priority: It often happens that in the quest to reach the top, brands often forget to tend to the basic points of running a business, having their focus only on the bigger things. However, it is suggested to make customer service a priority because by creating the best experiences for customers, they can retain and grow their customer base and stay unique.• Attain expertise and excellence: Instead of only running behind success, people need to focus on attaining expertise and excellence in whatever they do. This excellence can help them attain the success they seek and help them become trustworthy brands, ultimately making them unique.• Solve a problem: It is necessary to meet a need or solve a problem to gain massive momentum and success in one’s niche. Only then can entrepreneurs and businesses stand apart from others. Clever Corp serves as one of the best examples of a company that solves the problems and needs of setting up businesses in the UAE. 
Entrepreneurs and businesses can definitely create their unique niche by following the points mentioned above, and by making it their aim to achieve excellence, they can automatically lead themselves towards success.