Have you ever been overcome by stress? The type of stress which feels like everything around you is becoming more difficult with each passing day – making your goals feel almost impossible to accomplish.

I’m sure we all have. Recently, my wireless router went down and I had to spend hours searching through over a dozen models in an attempt to find a new one. This may not seem that stressful, yet when combining the router issue with needing to finish a few articles for work, worrying over if a studio would option a screenplay of mine they are currently reviewing, and being concerned over bills – it all begins to add up.

Several years ago after a rather painful ending to a relationship, I performed extensive research into healthy ways to combat stress. I began practicing meditation when I was in my teens, and even that was not quite enough to alter my mindset at that time.

Fortunately, I came across binaural beats and while at first, I was slightly skeptical over sound waves being able to produce lucid dreams or trigger calming tones throughout the body – research exists which shows binaural beats do alter brain waves and many neuroscientists have written about how our brains operate when interacting with these beats. Other studies have yet to find a definitive answer to how effective these beats are at sparking creativity in individuals; however they do show that binaural beats do have an effect on some.

What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are often described as auditory brain-stem responses which result from two different auditory impulses – heard in each year. Binaural advocates and scientists will point Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta, and Mu waves producing different effects on our brain.

What Binaural Beats Have Done For Me

Remember the painful ending to a relationship I mentioned earlier? The following several weeks were extremely difficult and left it difficult for me to receive over three hours of sleep each night. However, after reading about binaural beats – I decided to listen to a six-hour lucid dreaming track.

Before this time I would have powerful lucid dreams, yet they were limited to maybe once a week. The first night listening to the track resulted in a lucid dream and over ten hours of sleep. I listened to that track for approximately a week straight and continued having lucid dreams and great nights of sleep.

I began experimenting with other tracks to mixed results and eventually returned to the original again which seemed to always ‘work’ for me.

Fast-forward several years and it’s rare that I go to bed without listening to a binaural track. After feeling the stress mount up from the broken router that I mentioned, I decided to listen to several short binaural tracks to help me focus and relax while meditating.

I could feel my body begin to relax and my mind put at ease as I realized that in the grand scheme of my goals, which a broken router wasn’t going to keep me from.

While I won’t say binaural beats will definitely work for everyone, I would encourage everyone to be open to give them an opportunity – especially if you are constantly overcome with stress or having problems sleeping.