Brad R Lambert is an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, CA. After establishing himself in the sports industry working with professional athletes, brands and sports teams on the East Coast, he moved out west to chase his other passion, entertainment. In his short time in Hollywood, Brad has already made quite an impression working with big brands and celebrities such as: Walt Disney Studios, Robert Downey Jr., Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Hemsworth, The Russo Brothers, The Pittsburgh Steelers and more.

Avoiding a stressful and burnout

As an entrepreneur Brad is involved in multiple different aspects of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s producing, managing, hosting, consulting or speaking, Brad prioritizes his health and happiness because burnout is very real. To avoid difficult times or getting sick, Brad works out regularly and relaxes by enjoying some form of entertainment (film/tv, gaming, etc.). “If you don’t take time for yourself, your health, both physical and mental, will impact your business and life in a negative way. He also recommends having a solid support system around you, as it will help encourage you through tough times as well as boost your happiness and confidence.

Main tips for successful habits 

Lambert’s main tips for a successful habit is consistency. You need to stay consistent and on top of things to see results. He also included giving everything maximum effort, as he states “you’re either all-in or don’t even bother.”


Lambert stays motivated because he is never satisfied, which allows him to avoid getting complacent or too comfortable. This helps keep him focused and striving towards his goals since he has many things he wants to accomplish and experience in life and in business. Brad really enjoys the growth process and with each step and achievement he experiences, the more motivated and excited he gets, which ultimately leads him to keep moving forward. Brad suggests challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone, “you may surprise yourself with what you are truly capable of…and if you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

Advice For Startups

For anyone looking to launch a business or pursue a new endeavor, Lambert says “expect failure and accept that it’s going to happen, it is inevitable.” He explains that no one is going to be perfect right off the bat with anything, so acknowledging that failure is likely reduces the “blow” when it happens. “Now that it’s out of the way, look at each “loss” as a learning opportunity and keep moving forward.” Brad strongly believes every experience someone has, good or bad, turns out to actually be a good thing. He also encourages people to not be afraid to fail, because without failure, you are not growing.

Brad is someone who is selfless and optimistic, putting others before himself and always wanting to help them grow and be successful. He believes in the big picture, keeping himself motivated to never give up, as well as maintaining a positive mindset, no matter how good or bad things get.


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