Does anyone remember it, Callanetics? Popular in the early 90s? In fact very popular then but it disappeared soon afterwards, not sure why exactly. Possibly the emergence of Pilates.

When Lockdown began I panicked, as a trainer of 60, I was already worried about my fitness and putting on weight due to hip problems and not being able to run. Now I would not even be cycling to work at the gym and back! I have been practising the art of Callanetics for years as an alternative to cardio and resistance work. The body loves variety so I do cardio, resistance work and a mind, body, soul exercise, normally that was before lockdown!

Been going out for my daily exercise which we are allowed to do here in London. But I needed more, something to keep me sane and toned. I decided to try doing more Callanetics which was invented by Callan Pinckney who designed the programme to help her back and hips. I hope it might help mine if I do more of it. The hour programme tones and uniquely works your muscles deep down, increasing flexibility and more.

Serenity in the sunshine!

Here at The Collective where I live we have a huge terrace. Which has been batheing in sunshine most of the time since lockdown. I did my hour session for the second time on the terrace the other day and named it Callenetics on the Terrace – how holistic, food for the soul during lockdown. There is a serenity about doing it outdoors, never mind bathed in not too hot Spring sunhine! Over the years I have always done it inside. But the tiny size of my current room forced me out to social distance with others from the community. But go one end of the terrace and you hardly see anyone and I enjoyed it. The solitude of it the serenity of it, the time to unwind, think, enjoy the sun on you.

Callanetics on the terrace!
Care to join me?

These tiny movements working your muscles deep down will tone you up, my aching quadraceps (front of thighs), neck and abdominals told the story the next day.

Callanetics during lockdown!

In this amazing London Spring weather sent to help us cope with lockdown, chose a body, mind, soul exercise which you can do outside and indulge yourself. Calm your mind, tone your body and much more! We will get through it!

Many thanks to Ms Pinckney RIP!