Photo Credit: Katina Heavener.

Last year proved to be a challenging year for Memphis, TN recording artist Cam Carter, but he chose to look at the positives of the pandemic, and draw upon previously built relationships to push his career to a more international audience, despite having been booted off of instagram several times. Carter says instagram is a huge help for artists like himself to push their music, but when he kept losing access to the social media site, he realized although important, it isn’t the only way to achieve an audience for his craft. Although fellow peers in the music industry turned to social media ‘even more’ at a time when most people were being responsible by staying home, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Cam Carter chose to not allow not having access to Instagram stop him from making more music and connecting with his audience. He was able to do so by outsourcing 100 per cent of his production overseas for six months.

Artwork for the song “Reaching Out For You” with Raquel Aurilia.

“I made some of the most exciting records of my life with my brother MP Beatz, from Germany. I was driving to the studio in LA and called him, completely unprepared, yet he trusted me with one of his favorite beats, I delivered, and the rest is history.  We’ve been like brothers ever since, and we’ve kept each other motivated and focused” said Carter. This positive outcome motivated him to start collaborating with other artists even more. At the end of 2020, Cam Carter and Raquel Aurilia released “Reaching Out For You,” a song about Covid-19.  “Having someone like Raquel and Gardner Cole (who’s worked with Madonna and Amy Grant) together on a project is surreal to me.  We’re really happy how the record turned out, and I’m so excited for what’s in store next,” shared the artist. After this, he received good news from Facebook, when the social media platform acknowledged him as a public figure by giving his page a verification badge, and helping him achieve credibility with his fans, which helped him connect to his audience even more. Cam Carter has continued to work hard, dropping a new single recently, the first of the year, called “Still Modest.” The song was produced by MP Beatz, and has a catchy melody, making it easy to be played on the radio. The lyrics speak of overcoming adversity, and how it’s important to be brave and use one’s time wisely in order to stay focused and do the things that will help us achieve our goals and dreams.

Artwork Cam Carter’s new single “Still Modest.”

Although originally from Memphis, TN, Cam Carter currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, and counts Halo Into Hell as his upcoming debut album. Carter explains the reasoning behind the choice of his upcoming debut album name of “Halo Into Hell,’ as blending his birth city of Memphis, being considered the ‘city of dead’ and his current city, Los Angeles, as the ‘city of angels,’ and 444 balances the universe, there’s a symmetry to it, and this is what he believes in. Carter is known to be an artist willing to blend and defy genres by combining southern Hip-hop, pop, and rock elements, as shown in his previous singles “Knee High,” “Haha,” “First Date,” “Lost in the In Crowd,” and “Shadows.” His style garnered the attention of One West Magazine in March 2019, as well as HipHopWeekly and Respect Magazine in early 2020.