The 2019 Novel coronavirus has put people all across the world in a terrifying situation. After all, the infection is a respiratory virus in which a person faces various symptoms such as dry cough, high fever, difficult breathing, tiredness. The virus can easily catch those who are already suffering from pre-existing medical conditions – heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and come in contact with infectious people. After-all, it is a wide-spreading disease and can worsen the lives of people. According to the researchers, currently, there is no vaccine developed to fight with this fearful pandemic COVID-19, but too many scientists and professional laboratories are trying to work on this subject. However, the good news is some medical experts of the US and India may release COVID-19 test kits for coronavirus after making specific strategies and techniques.

The question is how the coronavirus detection test kits/cassette will become an advantageous option to minimize the work pressure of doctors. Let’s understand the detailed working of the corona test kit and their benefits for the medical centers.

What Exactly is the COVID-19 Test Kit?

The COVID-19 test kit is the pen-side test or cellulose-based device that helps in discovering the infection in the human whole blood, serum, and plasma. It is not possible to buy a coronavirus testing kit from homes because it is specially developed for certified medical professionals, pop-up hospitals, urgent health care centers, and other lab testing.

How Many Types of Coronavirus Diagnostic Tests?

There are two ways to perform the COVID-19 rapid test – one is PCR testing, and another is instant-use COVID-19 test kits. Let’s start the work process of both the coronavirus diagnostic tests that will let you know which procedure is effortless for the medical practitioners and how they can check the detect the infection in patients within a few minutes.

PCR Testing

The PCR testing is used to acquire the RNA or genetic information of the virus in which healthcare specialists check the presence of antigens in the body. If these toxins are detected in the RNA with other symptoms of the disease, it can show the positive results of the corona case.

COVID-19 Rapid Testing Kits

The coronavirus instant test kit solutions are the lateral-flow immunochromatographic strip assays that require the finger-prick blood sample, plasma, venous blood, serum to find the two antibodies IgG and IgM. The rapid COVID-19 testing kit requires a few materials such as dispensing bulbs (fingerstick whole blood), Centrifuge (for plasma), and Heparinized capillary tubes, lancet, etc. Apart from that, the medically trained persons use the safety gloves, clothes to make the coronavirus detection test successful. After collecting all the test aid elements, the small amount of blood is placed into the buffer well of the corona test kit. The main advantage is it takes about three to five minutes to produce the results.

In comparison to the PCR testing, the COVID-19 test kits are an excellent option to obtain the preliminary results. Though, even after performing the RNA-based detection, the test reports may further be sent to the labs, which is very time consuming and can make the delay in patient checkups. Therefore, we can say that the test which is capable of providing instant output can become a meaningful option for the hospitals and can minimize their work pressure.

What are the Key Benefits of Using the COVID-19 test kits at the Preliminary Stage?

The main benefits of using the rapid COVID-19 test kits are given below:


There is no doubt that every patient needs a special treatment to fight against the coronavirus disease. Yet, the cases are maximized, and it is difficult to gauge all the symptoms simultaneously. In this respect, the test kits for coronavirus are a great option to save a lot of time for the sufferers as well as the doctors who are working with extreme burden right now.


It is essential to give accurate results to the patients so that they can take care of their health in a better way. When it comes to getting quick outcomes, the COVID-19 test kits are the helpful diagnostic antibody cassette that can show whether the person has an infection or not. Though the main principle of coronavirus test kits combines the anti-human IgG, anti-human IgM, and the goat anti-rabbit IgG on the strip of nitrocellulose. Once the specimen is added to the buffer of the kit, the strip may form the burgundy color line, which indicates that the case is sensitive and needs to be cured. On the flip side, the PCR tests have experimented in different ways and cost a hefty amount of money. These cassettes can be regarded as the pregnancy test kits, but the main difference is the pregnant ladies can self-checkup to bring the answer. However, the DIY functionalities can’t perform with the coronavirus instant test kit due to the fear of spreading.

Small Specimen Needed

With few drops of whole capillary blood, venous blood, plasma, a serum is required while using the COVID-19 test kits. Hence, the technique of these express tests are far better than other testing procedures and can save the efforts of health centers. It entirely operates automatically and even proffers the reading to get the complete assurance of the case.


Coronavirus can end all over the world if the cases are not handled in the right way. Whether you are the proficient medical authority or run the labs for many years, you should always take the decisions wisely, specifically when it would be the matter of breakout the COVID-19 coronavirus diseases from human bodies.