Home Based Entrepreneurs

With the trend of entrepreneurship going high as ever, we are now seeing a major surge in the number of entrepreneurs who are working from home. It is in contrast with the usual 9-hour desk job that makes most people exhausted. Home-based entrepreneurs also feel they can spend more time with their family when working from home. Moreover, there is a freedom for choosing your own hours for working. 

While working from home can seem like a cakewalk to many, there are in fact a lot of challenges associated with it. Below are some of the major ordeals faced by entrepreneurs who are working full time from home. 

Increased Chance of Procrastination

While working from home, the mind gets acclimatised to comfort, which increases the chance of delaying the work. As you are not under anyone’s constant surveillance at home, it is easier to put off the work. Procrastination is one of those dangerous habits that can severely hamper your work ethic. 

Handling the Work Alone

In any conventional organization, the tasks are structurally divided among the employees. On the other hand, home-based entrepreneurs have to execute all their work alone. The workload shall only increase once the business gains momentum. The duty of solely handling all the repetitive tasks often takes a toll on the mental health of the entrepreneurs. 

Less Quality Time With Family

Working from home doesn’t necessarily equate to spending time with family. The constant official phone calls and the endless video conferences can take a huge chunk of your daily hours. Some of it could have been spent beautifully with your family members. Due to this reason, home-based entrepreneurs are also at a greater risk of experiencing bitterness from kin. 

Dealing With Constant Distractions

There are tons of distractions at home which can make you lose your focus from work instantly. It can be the loud noise coming from the T.V, unexpected visitors, music blasting from the neighbour’s house, you name it. It is challenging to manage these situations if you do not have a mind that is laser-focused about work. 

How Can Home-Based Entrepreneurs Be on Top of Their Game?

In spite of all the obstacles that can occur to an home-based entrepreneur, he/she can maintain good work productivity by staying disciplined. Below are some of the best methods home-based entrepreneurs can adopt to stay healthy as well as super productive. 

Execute the Important Tasks First

Prioritizing the tasks is perhaps the most critical step in accomplishing any goals. Postponing your essential tasks will only create panic in the last moment, hampering the overall work progress as well. Given the fact that you have to deal with a lot of distractions, it is absolutely necessary to stay focused when it comes to the execution of important tasks. Start and try to finish your main responsibilities at the very beginning, even if it seems difficult. The confidence you gain after that will tremendously help you in terms of your productivity.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

There is a broad perception among entrepreneurs today that to be successful, you have to be a lone wolf. While staying alone can definitely help you avert a lot of distractions, you may also be vulnerable to a lot of stress and anxiety at the same time. It is recommended to have a good peer group not just for work, but also for having a fantastic laughter session. Unwinding yourself is a big step for staying efficient at work. 

Maintain a Solid Workout Regime

Working from home can be a good reason for developing unhealthy habits. Pursuing a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle are the most common ones. Practices like these should be eliminated at the earliest as these are big productivity killers. Start to lift the iron as it will not only keep you fit but also teach you to embrace struggles. The pain you will experience in work out will keep you focused on your tasks amid all the hurdles. Also, incorporate healthy foods and more fruits in your diet, which will give you huge mental benefits as well. 

Pursue Healthy Hobbies

Maintaining harmony between your life and work is vital for your well-being. Having good hobbies can have a positive impact on your work performance too. While developing good hobbies, you need to be also watchful of your unhealthy hobbies. The strenuous work schedule and the unrelenting pressure can breed habits like smoking and drinking. These are the habits that are hard to quit for most people. 

When it comes to quitting alcohol, try to reduce your drinking quota. This slow transition will help you reach that zone where there is no craving for alcohol.

For smokers, quitting the habit of smoking is a bit more challenging. But, thanks to ever-advancing technology which have provided people with innovative techniques in this era to curb their addictions. One such solution is electronic cigarettes, which gives a similar experience to smoking without burning tobacco. Also, e-cigs are considered comparatively less harmful as the former can tweak the nicotine levels effectively and move to the zero-nicotine consumption slowly and gradually.

Never Sacrifice Sleep

Lack of sleep can disrupt cognitive functions leading to a decline in work productivity. For entrepreneurs, decision-making skills are extremely crucial for success. Not having enough sleep can make you take bad choices that might turn against your favour. Aim for at least a 7-hour sleep daily. Getting adequate sleep will also boost your memory, helping you to recall vital information required for business growth. 

Dealing with your business while working full-time home can be a little arduous, but with the right frame of mindset, you can definitely beat the odds. It is crucial to stay disciplined and be conscious of all the habits that are directly or indirectly affecting your work productivity.