As an example, you can see the professional athlete before a competition. Due to the pressure and tension, he can achieve maximum performance.

However, positive stress can quickly become negative stress. With targeted strategies, everyone can learn to deal with stress in a healthy way.

With these 3 tips you can convert negative stress into positive stress:

  1. Think of stress as what it is: a feeling. Stress in itself cannot harm you, only the way you react to it decides about healthy or negative stress. Ask yourself the question: Do I want to be spurred on or hindered?
  2. Recognize the message behind the stress: if you let yourself be stressed by something, it is particularly important to you. What is really stressing you out? The deadline you can’t keep or the fact that you might be able to disappoint your boss?
  3. . Find a positive perspective! Put your brain capacity in growth mode instead of fight or flight.

A growing mindset can help you always transform the distress into a healthy kind of performance increase.

Find out how you can be motivated by not beeing overwhelmed.

Love Stephanie