No matter how hard we try, there isn’t a simple way to escape the stress of everyday life. Commuting, deadlines, shopping, health, and taking care of family members take their toll on our health and make us long for vacations. Zen retreats are particularly popular because they allow you to feel like you’ve escaped reality and stepped into a safe haven. If you’re looking for ways to make your home resemble a calming Zen retreat, read on.

More plants

Plants are very important when you’re planning to incorporate more Zen elements into your home, not only because their colors are soothing but because taking care of plants lowers your stress levels significantly. Their calming effect will help you when you’re feeling like you’re under a lot of stress, and what is more, they will make the air you breathe much cleaner. Of course, this means that you should focus on potted plants more because flower bouquets don’t have the same effect, even though they are much more colorful. If you don’t have too much time on your hands, try to avoid plants and flowers which need special maintenance. Simple bonsai trees, as well as hanging terrariums, look good in any room.

More light

In order for your home to be comfier, you should pay special attention to the light. There should be plenty of natural light in each of the rooms in your home, and window covering shouldn’t be heavy or too intricate. Curtains made of sheer materials are a good choice, and if you feel like you could use more privacy, you could opt for simple bamboo blinds which will further harmonize all the other natural elements in the room. Harsh fluorescent lights might be convenient but they’re bad for your eyes and you should consider replacing them with nature-inspired lights. Candles are also a good idea and you can combine them with small lamps that you can strategically place around the room.

More fresh air

We can’t stress just how important air quality is for any home, not just a Zen one. Opening your windows every morning is necessary to let in some fresh air, especially if somebody in your household smokes. You should also consider getting a whole house air purifier because you can use it without having to worry about pollution and dust that might get into your home through the window. Pleasant scents are also important because they can help you relax, so a few scented candles made of soy or beeswax should always be on your coffee table. Essential oils are also a very effective yet perfectly natural way to enhance your home with fresh scents.

Fewer things

It’s easy to lose track of all the things we have in our homes because we have a tendency to keep things we like even when we don’t need them. This can result in cluttered homes and such houses are very difficult to clean. Zen homes, on the other hand, are about simplicity and minimalism so excess ornamentation isn’t recommended. Try to declutter your home and to let go of attachments. Not only are Zen homes easier to clean, but they are also easier to organize. Getting rid of things you have been keeping for a long time can be difficult but also liberating, and you can do a good deed by donating all of the unnecessary items to a shelter (or you can just organize a garage sale and earn some money).

Earthy colors

Zen is about being close to nature and this includes natural colors in soft tones. This doesn’t mean that your home should be only in shades of gray, beige, and pink, but when you embrace natural colors, you will make your home seem more spacious and inviting. Nothing beats good old white – it really opens the space up and allows you to add statement details such as a mossy green couch, wooden coffee table, or beige curtains. The colors of your walls, floors, and furniture should be in harmony and you can experiment with different color pallets until you find the combination that’s soothing for you and your family.

Natural materials

Speaking of being close to nature, you should do everything you can to bring in more natural elements and materials into your home. Not only should you bring in more plants, but you should focus on materials as well: bamboo blinds, carpets and blankets made of wool, curtains made of cotton, candles made of beeswax, smooth stones and twigs for décor… If your floors are made of stone or wood, don’t hide them under heavy carpets and rugs but show them off proudly.

When you get home from work and want nothing other than to forget about business meetings, conference calls, and deadlines, you want to dive into serenity and relax. When your home resembles a Zen retreat, you’ll find it easier to blow off some steam and rest. Not only will you be able to sleep better, but you’ll also lower your stress and anxiety levels too. The simplicity of Zen décor is soothing for your mind and body alike and it’s no wonder this style is so popular these days.