My mother would always tell me that all meaningful change came from within. If you wanted to change something about who you are; what you believe; what you want to accomplish. You MUST change from within. I’ve discovered that the only people that welcome change are babies in wet diapers. For the rest of us, we never want to change anything – that is until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than that of changing.

For those in our society that are easily frightened, change petrifies them. For the comfortable people in our society, change is always threatening. But for the confident among us. Change is opportunity. And when you see change as an opportunity to grow. As an opportunity to better yourself. As an opportunity for you to live more purposefully. You will wonder why you had not changed earlier.

Have you noticed every single improvement in your life has come as a result of change? For example, if you used to be overweight and have now lost many of those pounds (congrats by the way). How did you lose the weight? That’s right. CHANGE. You changed the way you lived. You changed the way you ate and among other things, you changed your mind-set. You set yourself a goal and worked towards achieving that goal by changing your daily routine. And tell me that didn’t pay off. 

If you don’t change the way you think or the way you act (even if it’s something small like changing the route you take to go to work), you’re just stuck. Stuck in the same routine, stuck in the same mind-set, stuck in the same boring job and stuck everywhere else in life. To get out of that situation, you must disrupt your normal routine and do something different. Even if it’s something small – I promise you won’t regret it. I promise that you will finally understand why change is a great thing for you and your health – both physical and mental. But most importantly, I promise it will help you create a better life not only for yourself, but for everybody around you. And you never know, change could give you some of your most amazing memories. It has for me anyway. 

In short, improvement in your life comes because of change. Every improvement that you have come across in life is there because you changed something. Please know that I’m not advocating change for the sake of change, because very often change does not create improvement but Improvement is always created as a result of change. And we all have room for improvement, after all, nobody is perfect. 



  • Sid Xhezaj

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