The character of a person is the mark given to him by others that describe his reputation. It’s the sum of traits that identify your moral being. How you respond to circumstances is based on your moral principles, and will finally affect the results you get; which dictates your destiny. You judge character is by repetition of habits not through appearance.

A person is said to be a man of character if he’s more disciplined and less selfish. If he keeps changing to every circumstance, he’s told to have a weak character or no integrity.

Character formation starts at birth. A child is born without character, but with all the ingredients required for its creation. He learns first from the behaviors of parents, brothers and, sisters, then the family, before school and church. What a child learns before seven years becomes permanent and influences their destiny significantly.

The 3 Main Components to Develop in a Child’s Character

(I)Conscience The conscience of a person is determined by their internal programming of what is right or wrong. It’s what makes people anxious or guilty when they have hurt others. The sole responsibility of molding the conscience of children lies with the parents through shaping their values by being good examples, acknowledging accomplishments, and correcting bad behavior.

(ii)Love You teach a child the lesson of love, by showing them through examples how to show affection so they can in turn love you and others. It’s a lesson on self-sacrifice; how to forsake personal gain for the benefit of others. A person, who received this teaching early, interacts with others with a lot of consideration and selflessness.

(iii)Self-control This is the ability of a person to make good decisions. By controlling the conduct of a child and imposing restrictions, you develop their ability to choose with integrity. The consequences of kid’s behavior naturally teach them to make the right choices. This way, you reduce their probability of being victims of peer pressure during adolescence and in the future as adults.

Character Determines Your Destiny

Success is a journey and requires one to have mastered the art of positive behavior change. Without possessing positive inner traits, you will be dis-empowered to make the right decisions, and this will contribute highly to your failure. To achieve excellence, you should be able to make choices that motivate and support your actions positively.

Without perseverance, you cannot be committed to specific goals. You end up dropping them on every small challenge you encounter along the way. You become driven to things you should be moving away from which take you further from your desired destiny.

Learn to take care of your thoughts as these become your words. What you say to others make up your actions which repeatedly form your habits. You become identified by the good or bad habits you have developed within yourself. If you are marked to have poor habits, you become a destination for unhappy, poor quality life and achieving anything becomes a challenge.

How Character Affects Your Life

A person’s combination of different traits makes them unique and distinguishes them from others. If you are known to have excellent characteristics such as honesty, kindness, caring, reliable, patient, loving, gentle, etc. people will want to associate with you. If however, you are branded as a person of poor morals, you end up in weak relationships.

Great people have high moral qualities which make them trustworthy. They have less disciplinary issues and relate to others honorably. You can judge someone’s ability to associate with you by looking for traits that support a healthy relationship. Listen to them talking, explaining, or joking and how they react to circumstances.

A lack of consistency in your traits, make you a victim of social judgment. People will consider you as un-faithful and unreliable, and you end up missing the advantages that society has to offer in support of your endeavors. Positive relationships form the basis of an individual’s happiness.

Always avoid, by all means, people of weak moral principles as they only add to global problems.

The Final Line

Violating the moral standards of society puts you at high risk to fail. Have you been failing to achieve your desires? Start by evaluating your morals. The set of actions you make influence the results you get. Your judgment power influence how you make decisions and gets its power from the values you have set for yourself.

If you pursue good habits, you will have a strong character that will attract opportunities and open doors for you in life, causing you to succeed inevitably. Parents should take full responsibility for shaping a child’s character or take the blame for their failure later in life.