Chelsea Handler is incredibly busy—but she has her own unique take on work-life integration that she uses to succeed. The author, comedian, and activist is producing shows, writing a book, diving deeper into politics, and championing women along the way. “It feels good to be untethered,” Handler tells Arianna Huffington on episode 18 of the Thrive Global podcast, in partnership with iHeartRadio and Sleep Number.

After the 2016 election, Handler started packing a tight schedule. Between hosting fundraisers and working with political candidates across the U.S., she is determined to see new faces in government.

“It made me realize that I had to really just dial everything back and take a beat, and not just sit there and spout off what I wanted to happen without doing the legwork or without putting my money where my mouth is,” Handler shares.

And while she’s grateful to have the “time off” to do lend herself to these causes, Handler recognizes the potential for burnout and knows when to disengage.

In her eyes, it’s pretty straight-forward. “When I’m beginning to feel burned out, I take off,” Handler says. “So far this year I’ve skied probably 30 days, because that’s my kind of release.” Every two or three weeks, Handler takes a break from being all-in on projects and goes on a week-long hiatus. “I’m more effective when I come back,” she says.

While Handler’s work-life style isn’t realistic for everyone, she’s onto something essential: looking out for her well-being. For Handler, a week-long reprieve protects her mental health and gets her back on track.

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