One of my most important Microsteps is creating a barrier with my phone. We often don’t realize how much time lapses when we are distracted by our devices. They give us and others access to millions of distractions at any time and any place. Ultimately, they hinder the focus and productivity of your day. Instead of spending hours scrolling on my phone, I’ve been more conscious of reclaiming that time to use for things that are more meaningful to me, whether it’s time with loved ones or for self-gratification. This was huge for me!

I started off using this particular Microstep because I realized that, although I was successful in business, I was not successful when it came to myself and my overall wellness. My relationship with myself was being placed on the back burner and my health was declining because of unhealthy choices. I needed to make changes for good.

When I decided to take back control of my life, and not to allow a small box to control or block me from my goals, I quickly felt the benefits. I became more creative because I actually allowed myself the time to think and come up with ideas. I was able to focus on my health and wellness goals by taking steps to go to the gym, eating healthier, and meal planning. Additionally, I focused on what matters most, and for me that’s strengthening my relationships with my family and friends.

Working in a fast-paced environment is not easy. Dealing with personal issues or difficulties while creating experiences for people every day can be quite challenging. To find some balance, I started a Microstep that I learned centered around box breathing. It’s a breathing technique that helps you reset from stress, and this has been a huge help for me. I also started utilizing positive affirmations to reshape my mindset and to counteract cortisol (a stress hormone that brings negativity into the mind). I’ve learned from Thrive that our brain can be shaped and molded by positive thinking and affirmations! In other words: Change your thinking, change your future. I’ve been sharing my affirmations with others and this has brought about a positive experience for both internal and external customers!

If you’re struggling with burnout, take control of your space you live in. Don’t allow your life to be dictated by every demand and call of people who may not respect your peace. Success is not the result of constant sacrifice, burnout, failed relationships, and constant availability. Create healthy barriers and always put your own happiness and wellness first. What has helped me to overcome burnout is understanding the purpose of why I do what I do every day. That helps me push hard and endure. It also helps me stay positive and reassures me that my hard work is worth it. Think about your why, think about all the people that you help by showing up every day, and this purpose will help you overcome any difficulties that come your way.


  • Christopher Davis

    General Manager

    Ralph Lauren

    I'm a native of Orlando FL, born and raised! I started my next great chapter at Polo Ralph Lauren on December 13, 2015 as an Employee Experience Manager! It's been 6 great years. I've recently been promoted to General Manager and have relocated to the beautiful beach city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I love to sing and create music! It's in my family background as my grandfather led a group of singers with my aunts called the "Gospel Pearls" it's my purpose to eradicate despondency in one's purpose and affect change by inspiring one individual at a time!