Coco Vodka and Coco Rum, two of the newest and most popular alcohol beverages on the market, are standing out by supporting diversity in both their marketing and company message.

Founded by Mark Convery and Av Grewal, CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum aims to unite people from all walks of life, backgrounds and creeds together with a beverage that everyone can enjoy: CoCo. CoCo officially launched throughout the U.S. and Canada in July of 2020 thanks to the hard work and persistence of founders Av and Mark, who were passionate about creating a product that was unique and could be enjoyed by the masses.

Labeled the “hottest ready to drink canned cocktail” by its drinkers, the original Hard Coconut Water is currently available throughout the East Coast and Midwest and will soon be making its way to California. Unlike its competitors such as White Claw, High Noon and Cutwater Spirits, CoCo aims to rehydrate while you drink. This gives users an overall great feeling for a long period of time without the headaches or jitters that may come with dehydration from alcohol. Additionally, CoCo stands out in a sea of beverages thanks to the fact that it is made with all natural ingredients. In a world full of sugary, malt-based beverages, CoCo wanted to be different. CoCo is the official and original Hard Coconut Water, and a “better for you” option for healthy conscious drinkers.  That is why CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum are made with Real coconut water.  Likewise, quality is important to the founders, so they use real triple distilled vodka and premium white rum (not malt). CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum drinks are an exotic vacation in every can.

From the outset of the company’s launch, Av and Mark placed a heavy emphasis on supporting diversity, which is evident by both their marketing, messaging and even their own backgrounds.  Av’s family immigrated from India, and Mark’s family from Europe.  As they explain on their website: “The CoCo Life is about having FUN, enjoying life, relaxing, playing sports, hanging out with family and friends, soaking up sunshine, getting some sand in your toes, admiring sunsets, smiling, and taking in a moment for you!” No matter what your background, skin color, race or religion is, self-care and relaxation is necessary. And that’s exactly what Coco Vodka and Rum stands for.  Enjoying life, together.

The co-founders love sharing a product that helps people create moments that are too often drowned out amidst the chaotic times everyone is experiencing. As the company website says, “Good things start with CoCo!” – a tagline embodying life and labor.

Since hitting the shelves in North America last summer, the company has expanded to 2 countries, 26 states, and 3 provinces. Soon everyone in the US and Canada will be able to escape with CoCo.