Let’s face it: Many of us believe, a workplace without coffee is not at all a productive place. Have you ever wondered why exactly coffee makes a workplace productive?

According to Gallup Poll, almost two third of American Adults drink at least a cup of coffee every day. And if we look at the average, it counts 2.7 cups each day. A quarter of it admits that they are addicted to coffee and only 10% of them wants to cut back their caffeine.

So what’s the deal with this stats? Why are so many people stuck to coffee? I had been wondering if we are supporting our coffee addiction by naming it productivity or our java really works the way we praise it. We believe our coffee to be more a natural way to improve our focus, kicking out the sleep, improving alertness than to be a stimulant.

Well, the studies and research show in how many ways coffee can help us which ultimately may help in boosting productivity. And yeah, those caffeine jitters and disturbed sleeping schedules can become the cost of boosting productivity sometimes if over-consumed.

I usually believe on what I feel rather than what research and studies suggest. It’s not that I don’t believe the facts, but I believe in the effects on the first place without being aware of the scientific reasons. This perspective helps me see things more clearly when I relate my experience with the facts.

Well, it’s me and I have experienced that coffee do some miracles to me and I can say it buys me more time at the workplace. (My way to represent productivity). And would you believe, I am having my joe as I am writing this?

You might have felt the surge of the magical drink and let’s see how studies and research have to explain it.

 It Makes Your Brain Stay Alert

Coffee has always helped me in tiredness and exhaustion. And the research done on it exactly explains why we feel this way. According to a medical writer, Stephan Braun, caffeine blocks the receptors for adenosine, which is basically a compound responsible for drowsiness.

The caveat here is coffee does not affect the same way to all. You need to listen to your body what it has to say and should consume coffee accordingly. Some might do not get any feeling until they gulp down two cups. There is nothing to brag about, regular coffee drinking makes you intolerant towards its effects.

Other factors in your individual response to coffee include your weight, age, metabolism rate, and even quality of sleep. So you need to understand the intolerance effect of caffeine and accept the fact that one cup of coffee might not be enough for you to feel the same way you used to.

Moreover, coffee boosts the energy level of brains. In a nutshell, it’s increasing memory power, alertness, more focus, and better cognitive functioning. This Nutrition Study has concluded coffee productivity thing perfectly.

It Makes Your Creativity Work For You

Well, not all people agree on coffee’s creativity boosting effect as the alertness it provides channelizes your thoughts and make you stay focus on one thing. They would argue coffee will make them stop wandering from the topic or that out-of-the-box thinking which often leads to creative ideas. This approach of thinking is delusive.

Research done by some institutes like MIT suggest that coffee can help to improve one’s creativity when working alone or in a group. Sitting together over coffee at your workplace help you all being on the same platform, breaking professional barriers and the casual environment it builds is the perfect situation to let your creativity flow.

One more thing that I always wondered how one feels more comfortable sitting and doing their work in a cafe bar and he believes it’s more apt environment for him to complete his creative work over there. The fact is something different, the low noise in the coffee bar makes the creative thinking more strong. The noise produced in the coffee shop makes it tough to process the focussed thoughts and the stimulant caffeine increase the creativity of your brain. A slow music and a cup of your coffee at work would be all while you are working on a creative piece.

Learn Things Faster, Yay!

When you are in a setting at your workplace where things keep changing, you need to keep learning. There is a reason why colleges are a home for numerous coffee shops. Stimulants present in the coffee work miraculously on your brain and will make you learn things faster and ultimately increase the productivity.

A study conducted by the PLOS One Journal stated that 200 mg of caffeine exhort the brain to identify words and phrase more quickly. Some of the subjects of this study are given a caffeine tablet and the rest were given a lactose tablet as a placebo. Those who had caffeine tablet quickly responded to the string of letters to make up new words out of it.

My Final Word

Well, all the research conducted suggest that the stimulants present in the coffee, especially the caffeine, energize the brain activity and ultimately aid in increasing the productivity. It has bought me more time in my workplace for sure. It would make your workplace more energetic and will kick out the laziness. Don’t forget the caveat about the intolerance effect of it and make sure you don’t over-caffeinate yourself.