Did you know that certain colors can eliminate stress and boost confidence? As a personal fashion stylist I often work with clients who deal with a lot of stress. We all deal with a lot of stress, just everyone’s stress may be related differently. Whether it be work related or due to personal matters.

Back in the ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Chinese they practiced something called “Chromotherapy” which was the use of colors to help heal. Today we call it Colorolgy and therapists will use the holistic treatment to boost confidence and help promote self esteem. I guess you can call me a style therapist then , because many of my clients will ask me to help them put together a wardrobe that will boost their confidence , while making them look stylish.

Have you ever noticed that some colors will make you feel better than others? They also can affect how you make decisions. The reality is we can all use an extra bit of a confidence boost. The following colors will help you do just that!


This color represents abundance and growth. Those two factors are what make us feel that everything is going to be O.K.


Reminds you of the sea and the sky. Both soothing and calming to look at. It tends to promote stimulation and help with the way we think. It aids in focus and concentration. I tell my clients, if they will be speaking in front of others, going on a job interview or some type of even that is just as important where they will be the center of attention, wear BLUE!


This color aids in energy and will increase your ability to make decisions. If you need to take a test or make an important decision the color to wear is Orange.


This is the ideal color to make you feel happy. Who doesn’t want to feel happy vibes. Yellow is associated with the sun and we all know that when the sun comes out everyone feels good and we tend to be more productive. Therefore, wearing a shade of yellow will most definitely make you feel confident, and boost your self esteem, even if it’s a rainy day and the sky is grey.


Red is associated with being powerful, self assured and beautiful. I always tell my clients to wear red if they automatically want to feel confidence. Whether you have a date, speaking engagement or just for everyday. It doesn’t need to be worn head to toe, just wearing it as just a pop of color can also boost your confidence. The color is so vibrant and colorful it really will make you feel great.

As Pablo Picasso the artist once remarked

“Colors like Features Follow the Changes of the Emotions”

So if you want to help boost your confidence and build your self esteem try wearing one of the colors from above .