High absence and sickness rates are impacting more and more workplaces. One of the largest factors for this is caused by stress and anxiety. Stress is related to over 50% of work related sickness and absence and related to nearly 70% or employees deciding to leave a company and pursue another opportunity. Most employees are becoming productive after their on boarding and when they have some experience.

Is this not something only big tech companies can be good at ?

Actually big tech companies are not doing a great job. Besides offering nice offices and lots of benefits they often create an environment that over demands and powers employees out.

Here’s how long employees are staying at the 10 biggest companies in tech

,according to Paysa a company which publicizes salary data. :


Facebook:2.02 years

  • Google:1.90 years
  • Oracle:1.89 years
  • Apple:1.85 years
  • Amazon:1.84 years
  • Twitter:1.83 years
  • Microsoft:1.81 years
  • Airbnb:1.64 years
  • Snap Inc.:1.62 years
  • Uber:1.23 years

How Companies Can Make Employees More Productive

Healthy And Committed

Make the office a healthy place

What can you do as a company

  • enable employees to use standing desks constantly sitting is one of the biggest health risks

  • Offer ergonomic chairs and desks even if employees have to sit let them be healthier and more productive in the long-term

  • Offer free courses for sport, learning or relaxing like Pilates, marathon training or free language courses

  • Offer healthy free food like tea and fruits avoid too much free junk food in the office

  • Offer an employee wellness program that focuses on physical and mental health good programs run from sport activities to meditation to healthy eating

Ad flexibility

What can you do as a company

  • enable employees to have flexible work hours

  • Introduce work from home programs

  • offer time off some companies offer 1 year sabbatical after every six years of work

    Use mistakes to learn not to judge

  • What can you do as a company

  • organise learning events where employees learn from failure and mistakes without being blamed – we all make mistakes the best way to deal with it is embracing it learning from it and move forward

  • Encourage cross team / department learning have employees from all parts of the company to get together to learn and grow

Embrace diversity

What can you do as a company

  • make it part of the company culture to embrace equality and diversity

  • create an open environment with zero tolerance towards discrimination or bullying

Support Your Employees

What can you do as a company

  • create a support program for employees one company in Germany for example recently pulled together for a fellow colleague who had a sick daughter at home very employee spent 2 hours overtime in total the company donated 2 years of overtime from all the employees to help this father caring for his fatal sick child

  • Have an open environment for ideas and suggestions and encourage employees constantly to bring in their own ideas


Conclusion How Companies Can Make Employees More Productive Healthy And Committed

  • Create a healthy work environment at the office promote a healthy work and lifestyle
  • Promote openness for diversity and ideas create a no shame for mistakes but a learning and growing culture
  • embrace diversity and actively support employees in need

Originally published at crosspoint.blog