I listened to the podcast we did a few weeks ago and realized that I’m asking for a lot!

#1 — I’m asking leaders to do counterintuitive things like “waste time” strengthening the global connection of the entire team — ideally on a daily basis.

#2 — Another counterintuitive thing is to make some cosmetic changes to their perfect and glossy corporate image. Making every aspect of the brand more human requires a new attitude, and it has to be a company wide initiative that everyone is excited about.

#3 — I’m asking some of the most successful companies in the world to make these changes. These are not companies that are looking to solve a certain problem. But I think they are starting to see that what I’m talking about is making more sense with each passing day.

#4 — Many of the things I’m suggesting involve having a very holistic view of the company, which only a handful of people have. It would require departments working together in new ways — some that have never worked together before, and even opening up news departments. It would also eventually require building systems that don’t exists yet (!)

When you listen to Reid Hoffman and Fred Kofman talk about the meaning revolution, it’s clear to see we are heading toward more meaningful experiences and environments. But even these top leadership masters don’t seem so clear on how to get there.

Here are some highlights from my podcast with David McGlennen:

14:00 — Humility is key to success (and how some entrepreneurs become jerks when millions go into their bank account).

14:30 — Which entrepreneurs will be most successful? People with good values. For them It’s not about the money …

16:00 — The growing human ego and toxic environments — this isn’t about some bad people that need to be fired — it’s about everyone.

21:00 — How brave leaders can “waste time” activating their global connection.

25:00 — How leaders can overcome that fear of change so they can become a force for global leadership, and propel unity and connection in their company and the world.

27:00 — As a marketing expert I’m really concerned with embedding all these new things into the brand. Companies with a great culture are not updating the brand to reflect/promote the new values.

31:00 — Culture & EX experts are shifting peoples’ thoughts and that impacts the consciousness of the world in a very significant way that we can’t see.

37:00 — I’m always willing to help entrepreneurs align their venture with the new stage — and what kind of experts we will need in the future.

38:00 — David’s recap of the key points:

Be aware of how our thoughts and ego are impacting business.

Human connection is key to doing business. We have to learn to be connected because we can’t do it on our own.

Toward the end we also talked about what kind of careers people should be focused on now, because in the future we will need many more people dealing with things like education and training of millions.