At present, the number of cases around the world is increasing exponentially and authorities are in a state of despair about how to handle it, given the fact that currently there has not been found a vaccine that can ward off the corona virus, many scientists around the world are proactively continuing to look for this corona virus vaccine antidote. and we hope they will succeed in their efforts sooner than later. Because of this, one of the main reasons why numbers come off the chart is because people don’t show any serious symptoms and delay to lock. During this period the person who is the carrier will influence many people and experts judge that the affected person can spread it to 2.5 people. even more for children and parents, everyone is advised to stay indoors with minimal contact and wash hands for 20 seconds to eradicate bacteria.

here I will discuss the good and bad sides caused by the corona virus pandemic.

Disrupting the economy of business and transportation throughout the world.

Coronavirus has disrupted the travel and tourism industry, e-commerce platforms, manufacturing industries, airlines and many other sectors which were hit hard. Millions of people lost their jobs and others just hung a rope. Those who are not fired work with a salary discount of 50-60%. Thousands of people were stranded alone in various cities who wanted to go home. The government takes full responsibility and helps people. The whole world is inspired by the fast actions taken by governments by locking up. while in the medical field, doctors and nurses risk their lives and provide assistance to affected people. This important time is also a test to see how ready these countries are if something like this happens. Is there wisdom in all this?

Tough and clean for the environment.

on the one hand humans live at home and on the other hand healing. Air pollution has reduced significantly, the ozone layer has begun to recover and the rivers are clean. Ironically, millions of dollars are spent handling it and all it takes is forcing humans to stay at home.

As mentioned above, many people lose their jobs, but on the other hand many also work from home, even now I am very bored too long staying at home because during normal situations I regularly watch some opera performances or live music Boston Singer which always a favorite on the holiday agenda, but on the other hand now I can have more time to gather with family at home.


we must take lessons from the good side of the corona virus pandemic, and hope that the corona virus pandemic will end soon and experts will soon get a corona virus antidote vaccine as soon as possible.