THE ability to learn something new is essential in this era. There are many thingS that must people understand to ensure that they won’t left behind to follow the times. But, not everybody could get learn new thing easily. 

A psychologist from University of Illinois, Brian Ross found out approach about strategy of learning by self-explaining. This method would emphasize for yourself within asking such as “what does this mean?” or “why does it matter to you?”. One study has proved that people who do this and address these question to themselves would be have explain about ideas. It will make you such as three times learn than those who didn’t.

When he were in college, Ross always asks some questions to himself. Even tought, he did not familiarize and unexperience with computers, but he could get understand about the exam than other students who couldn’t and understand about programming. 

Here’s some advices to practicing self-explaining to yours:

Talk to yourself

Do not be worry! It is something that you should be tried if you want to be better learner. This practice would be help you to think about your own thinking. Having connection with yourself, make you more understand about yourself. So that, you will asks some question such as “How will I know what I know?”, or “What do I find confusing?”. From these sections, you could develop softskill, particulary to thinking about your thinking. Just try, folks!

Ask Why

If you have something really want to explore, just ask why to yourself. Self-explaining also would help you find out a new things you did not know previously. A getting deeper you do not understand something, a deeper question that you ask it for. Getting much question that you asks, driving you into more understand for something new. Don’t be afraid to ask more!


In this life, there are many amazingly thing that worth to share through your thought, ideas, writing or even your own space. You can use a great words to explain them and create summarize for what have been through it. When you summarize in every part that you have learn, it will help you to remember easily in long time. You also can do this after you saw some great movie or something like that. Therefore, what you has summarize build you more richer sence of that. Ready to make a summarize of yours?

Make Connection

Self-explaining also would help you to develop connection into yours. This is the benefit of that and it will improve memory. You won’t have understand of something, if you could explain to yourself why you have to do that. But in this case, building connection, it means you courage yourself to be more understand for something might did not know before. This is also the way to you to get more understand of yours. So that, you could be greater learner than others.