Lockdown for me has been a very trying time. As human beings we can only take so much by ourselves having had to stay home forcefully and not by choice day in day out with two 20 somethings and hubby was pushing it.

Lockdown has come amidst the racism and BLM(Black Lives Matter ) I have never thought I would become or look into activism, its always been for other people but as black woman seeing what I saw and the injustice plastered here in the UK it unleashed a boldness upon me with a fearless attitude followed by the blatant racist ignorant remarks of the people in power at parliament it made my blood boil.

But as lockdown would have it I felt getting depressed, worrying and giving wrinkles, sicknesses related to stress was not an option so I decided to help in my local community at the local Foodbank, saying I love it is an understatement, I have volunteered with the most wonderful and diverse people, there’s nothing like helping your community with like minded people. All this has been due to lockdown.

I decided to attend my first protest at Westminster the possibility that I was taking part in a protest that would make history but made history by the events in the USA was both liberating and fulfilling; me protester? my children worried in their minds wondering what was mum thinking, why was I going to a protest in Westminster! . Further more it didn’t matter that the government said not to , but because they said not to further fuelled me to do so because they totally ignored our cries , they failed to emphasise with the black community and to me its Covid or BLM or the law. My people came first before any law that was how determined I was, the attitude of the leaders that said to not go out was a joke to me it was like listening to puppets at the circus, when the puppets spoke we all laughed that was how the confused ,ignorant law makers looked like to me and I was prepared to rebel.

One of the protests in my area had me meet up with an old actor friend who was part of the organisers, the last time we spoke or saw each other was 2 years ago at a play we were both in at our local theatre but meeting him opened up other areas of friendships and connections through him for my daughter who just graduated with a first class in video and photography So looking at it all I have been able to keep my sanity through various activities, new friendships.

Lastly my determination and boldness escalated when I decided to produce a short video on the mental abuse going on in the church, yes my activism grew bold wings all in the lockdown.

Hey ho.

Sade Popoola is

Coach : Purpose Focused Coach.

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?????????? for women-focused charities and organisations, particularly those working with women who have lived through abusive situations.
??????: Founder of EIG (Emerging Into Greatness) Network, designed to encourage young adults into their purpose.

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