This past Monday our company gathered on Zoom as we do every Monday. Our CEO, Arianna Huffington, acknowledged the events and heaviness in the world and encouraged us to take care of ourselves mentally, but also to bring our families into the experience we have within the Thrive Global app by having our children create Resets. (For anyone that wants to know more about our Reset feature, you can explore more here:

Later that day, I sat down with my 4-year-old son and went through hundreds of pictures, talking about which made him feel happy and calm. The exercise took us through so many memories from his life — friends, family, events that bring him joy, an awesome, silly quote by Dr. Seuss that he loves, our doggie, “Woochie,” a picture of Nintendo World (currently his life goal to visit), the song his grandmother sings to him when he’s upset — and VOILA!

My son teared up the first time he watched his own Reset. We have viewed it MANY times together to the point that he’s now saying, “Mommy, I need a Reset!”

Stress management is so essential in a world that can be all too ugly. Our children can feel the weight of that, even if it’s just from us carrying the burden.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of your families. We are all better able to give back to those in need when we are in a healthy place ourselves. Use the tools you have — if you have Thrive Global’s app, I highly recommend making your own Reset and one for each of your kids!

To see the full Reset, click here.