Do you have a desk job that you sit for hours crunched before your system? Yes? Then this is for you. Sitting at your desk all day can stress you out, and your body starts aching after a while. And due to our busy schedules, including Yoga between other daily tasks can seem almost impossible. But you can enjoy the benefits of Yoga even at your office space. That’s right. Office yoga can help relax your mind and body, right at your desk. Desk Yoga refreshes your mind and boosts your health, making you feel happier, and relieving any work tension. So here are some easy ways in which you can de-stress while you are still seated at your desk.

Let’s start with some neck stretches :

When you at your desk, working and looking into your screen non-stop, little do you notice that there is some tension building in your throat? This pain shows up later and can be very uneasy. So while you are at the desk, do a simple neck stretch. All you need to do is sit with your back straight, and shoulders relaxed. Then tilt your head sideways so that your left ear is closer to the right shoulder. Now place the right hand over your right shoulder and then put your left side over your head on your right ear. This stretch will help your neck and shoulder muscles.

Another simple neck stretch you can do at your desk is to place your hands behind. And entirely turn your neck to the right and hold it for at least 10 seconds as you feel the tension release. Repeat this stretch on the other side too. Make sure to take deep breaths between every stretch.

Stretch that Back :

Back pain is something most people complain about while working on the desk all day. Most people have a terrible posture while they are seated at their desk working on the system. Which impacts the lower and upper back causing it to cramp severely. You can do a seated backbend on your chair. Start by sitting straight, and then raise your hands up high, and stretch it back while your fingers are locked together. And then slowly bend your head back while simultaneously arching your upper back. Hold this pose for a few seconds while you relieve the tension and deeply inhale and exhale while you are at it.

Even for this pose, you have to sit on your chair with an arched back, Then move to the edge while you bring your right hand behind you and hold the left side of the end of your chair. Look to your right and place the left hand on your right knee, then attempt to stretch your spine out while doing the same. Hold this pose for a few seconds until you feel the tension release.

Let’s get to the Hands & Legs :

Sitting scrunched up all day impacts not only your back and your neck, but also your hands & legs. So to stretch out your legs from sitting so much, do this pose. Stand up straight and then bend forward as much as you can. Touch your nose to your legs, while placing your palms on the sides of your feet. Or you can even stretch your legs out perpendicular to your spine.

Another pose is the knee squeeze, which can stretch the muscles in the upper leg. Sit keeping your back straight in a chair and place your feet flat on the floor. Then raise each leg toward your chest while reaching down and clasping each knee below the kneecap. Take deep breaths while doing this for added relaxation.

These are a few ways in which Yoga stretches can help you DE-stress at work. These poses will not only help stretch your body and relax your muscles, but it will also clear your head. It can be quite tiring sitting at your desk all day getting work done. But you can always take out a few minutes to release all that stress. It will clear your head from any tensions and help you concentrate on the task at hand better. So start Desk Yoga today, and say goodbye to work stress.


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