While I have always been busy in the hustle and bustle of life, I always figured that almost all parents who need to support their family lead the same lifestyle. Then I came across my neighbors, and my entire perspective of leading your life as parents changed overnight.

They have a kid about our age, which only meant we could bond with them quickly. As we got to know them better, it felt like they were living a completely different life than ours. While we had changed our entire lifestyle and it just was about living life as per our kid’s needs, they seem to have a very different viewpoint.

They had a healthy social life, went out often as a couple, and while doing that, their kid was not being ignored. I will be honest, initially, I thought it was merely bad parenting, but upon meeting their kid, I realized that he was well behaved and bonded with his parents. I could not stop myself from asking them how they managed to live such a fulfilling life, and they gave me some pointers that changed my idea of living completely. 

1. Spend Fun Time with Family:

All work and no fun is always boring. While you lead your life around your family, always being busy with chores will not help you bond. Plan fun vacations or outings such as going to a picnic or visiting an escape room in Atlanta to enjoy a thrilling time with your family which will help all of you to bond better.

2. Focus on Self-Care:

You can care for your loved ones only when you remember to take care of yourself. Indulge in doping things you love and pamper yourself. Most importantly, take some alone time as ‘Me’ time can never be ignored. 

3. Be Socially Engaged:

Many parents who expand their family become so engaged with their kids that they completely ghost their social circle. While you may get busy and the frequency of meeting friends may decrease, do not completely stop that, or else you will only feel mentally drained

4. Cut Down on Expenditure, Not Fun:

Yes, expenditures increase as an additional member enters your life who needs you to support them financially. This means you cannot obviously spend on fun activities as much as you would have earlier, but it is ok. You need to learn to cut your expenditures rather than stopping all fun activities at once. Instead of taking a 2 day’s trip where you would need to pay hotel rent, take a day’s trip so you will enjoy your day at a low cost. 

The Bottom Line- Do Not Stop Living Life:

The most important lesson I have learned from my neighbor is how the addition of a new member in the family does not mean you forget to love and take care of yourself. Rather, it only means you have to manage your time and plan your days in such a manner that you can always be present for your kid but not lose your life and sanity. If you master the art of loving your kids and yourself at the same time, you will become the happiest parents of the happiest kid.


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