I notice how Disney princesses can mirror some women’s development in a relationship.

Snow White. You have problems, difficulties, you need friends’ help and to be saved by your partner. You are a victim of external circumstances, passive, and tend to find yourself in a dependent relationship. It’s more like a young woman’s life.

Cinderella. You are already taking the initiative yourself, but you still have some internal or external obstacles: study, work, I am leaving, but I want to stay, but I have to leave. You create your own drama, you stage losing a shoe, deep down you want your partner to run after you with the shoe, proving his love.

A healthy person will let you go, simply out of respect for your boundaries and desires.

Rapunzel. Some people with some success. The most difficult stage, I would say. This is when you put on a crown of self-conceit for yourself and put yourself in the tower of your own ego. From the height of your tower, you really see everyone as unworthy, not good enough. Someone is always to blame. I’m just very selective, you say. I have high standards.

There are also many Rapunzel men. All these narcissists say that everyone around them really wants them, but he is very picky.

In fact, at first, Rapunzel arouses interest, but then people notice their conceit and the size of the ego. 

Anna. We begin to feel a dissonance between social values, family expectations, and your authenticity: this call, the voice.

Well, for example, modern society says that you should be strong and independent, happy in your loneliness; the family expects some merit and success from you, and you begin to hear this call – the desire to be somewhere or with someone.

There are also many Frozen men. What exactly does society call cool for you, what your environment / family expects from you, does it match with your calling now, do you hear the voice?

Whether or not to follow it, is probably a matter of choice. But somewhere in an ideal world, we all maintain authenticity, know how to hear our call, and have the courage to follow it.

Just wondering what Disney has yet to present.