Whether your establishment is a nonprofit or looking to make money, you want your employees to be as productive as possible. It’s not enough for them to show up to work and go through the motions, as you want them to be efficient, motivated, and hopefully even inspired. When they really believe in what they are a part of, then your products or services can rise to the top of your industry or sector.

Motivated employees don’t just produce more, as they also tend to inspire others to join them wherever they work. One thing that truly motivates many employees is how diverse their workplace is. Diversity and inclusion are growing social concerns across the country, which is why so many places of business are making a point of not just honoring the ideas but actively implementing practices internally to advocate and promote these causes.

Your employees might not talk about these things out loud much, but many of them do expect the business world to focus more on minority hiring and promotions so that everyone can have opportunities to advance and enjoy the national economy. Many companies are quick to include such language in their hiring practices, especially in commercials or breakroom posters, but how much is your business actually doing to practice what it preaches?

Employees notice the difference between lip service and actual policies that engage the workforce by hiring and promoting candidates of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Also, employees that are not part of such environments know they come to work every day to a place that is inconsistent with their personal beliefs. That puts one foot out the door for many, even when you think you might be doing enough.

When you know how diversity motivates employees, then you can make sure that your place of work includes it. Not only will you boost happiness and productivity among your current labor, but you’ll also improve retention rates so people stay longer.

Given the expenses involved with high turnover rates and training new employees, it’s worth it from a fiscal and resource perspective alone to do all you can to motivate your current staff to believe in your corporate culture so they stay a part of it longer.