I was asked this question recently in a comment on my Facebook page. Isn’t this the BIG question in all our hearts? Don’t we all want that magic solution, because each of us has tried what feels like everything already?

So how do you even begin to answer that question? I could have flippantly replied that:

  • I’m writing a book about just this!
  • That this has become my life’s work and ongoing research.
  • That the community of (mostly women) I surround myself with are all doing brilliant work on exactly this topic too.

Instead I decided to summarise my thoughts, findings and experiences and why I actually call myself a Life Energy Alchemist. It’s not a perfect answer by any means (not least because it’s a pretty off-the-cuff comment on social media) but I do think it sums up the most important points about the path of healing itself.

Here is what I said:
“Great question L–! 


By honestly, openly & without judgement, honouring and acknowledging the pain, stress & trauma deeply embodied in the layers of self. 


Working through the layers to release the hurt and expand your sense of wholeness, with infinite compassion.


To recognise (and fully accept) that healing is not a destination but a process, and that’s ok. 

And ultimately…

To realise our own individual healing process helps to heal and evolve the lives of everyone around us, locally and globally.

This is my own journey/experience, as well as what I continue to learn/research, and what I support others to do as a Life Energy Alchemist ?.”

I’d be curious to know, if you’re in the stages of healing, how does this make you feel?