Chi and Universal Energy by Luis Gallardo

The entire universe and everything in creation is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. In every living being, energy flows through the body in meridians (energy pathways) and in chakras (energy centers), not only from physical nourishment. In Eastern cultures, Chi (also referred to as Ki or Qi) is a universal energy that flows through everything in creation. It is a balance of positive and negative, Yin and Yang, and it can perhaps be described as a form of bio-electromagnetic energy, as a form of light energy, or as an electromagnetic phenomenon.

Western science doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the invisible life energy that is believed to flow through all things. The ancient masters speak of Chi as a type of fluidic energy that is regulated by mental intention and controlled breathing. A way to detect it has not been found yet. Still, millions of Qigong, tai chi, yoga, and meditation practitioners across the globe are able to regulate their energy circulation through their bodies and minds to manage their health.

The Life-Giving Energy of Chi

The mind-body cultivators discovered the existence of life-giving energy in the ancient past. They believed that this energy fills the entire universe and that humans live immersed in it, just like fish in water. Chi flows through our being (bodies and minds), providing us the perceptiveness and energy to feel deeply, think clearly, and act decisively. Chi is just another dimension or aspect of our existence and life, a natural part of us. Chi or Ki or Qi is something we need to connect with, which must be as natural as breathing.

Let’s take a look at how Chi is explained in practices such as Qigong (a mind-body-spirit practice that improves physical and mental health) and Eastern medicine.

Chi and Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing and exercise technique that involves movement exercises, controlled breathing, and meditation. The “qi” in “Qigong” carries the same meaning as “ki” or “chi” – the concept of energy, breath, spirit, or information. The “gong” means mastery or cultivation, so Qigong is often translated as mastery of your energy or vital energy cultivation. Qigong comes in various forms that are practiced across the world, some of them involving meditation and breathing to promote health and spirituality, while others include martial arts and are more vigorous. Some consider tai chi to be a form of Qigong because it moves, cultivates, and helps manage the qi.

There is energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical work to be done in order to become energetically vitalized, spiritually aligned, mentally focused, emotionally connected, and physically strengthened. To be able to grow and become a happy and healthy human, you need to become a harmonious and dynamic mixture of all the aspects of Chi. Chi only changes its manifestation – it is neither created nor destroyed, but in a state of continuous flux.

Chinese scientists discovered in 1978 that hands of a Qigong healer were emitting infrared radiation, and that was also confirmed by Japanese scientists. The studies have demonstrated that Chi was an NIR between 800 and 2500 nm, meaning that Chi has an energy aspect but also an entropy (or an information) aspect. The quantity of information is called entropy, and it is entropy that can carry information (not energy). In Qigong healing (which employs Chi or Qi or Ki), the mind of the healer can be transmitted with Chi as information.

Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

What differentiates a live human being from a corpse is – Chi. A weak life force results in fatigue, sluggishness, and illness, while a strong life force makes a human being feel present, alive, and alert. Chi can be developed to enhance athletic and mental capacities, become more vibrant, and overcome illness.

In TCM, the concept of Chi has two aspects or branches – the substantial and insubstantial. We take in the substantial (nourishing or physical) portion of Chi that makes up the food, water, and air. The insubstantial branch of Chi includes the energy itself and vital fluids that flow through our bodies.

To understand the importance of Chi, we must understand the Yin-Yang concept. Yin is the part of Chi that is dark, moist, solid, heavy, passive, cold, and descending. It is the brute and physical side of the universe. Yang, on the other hand, is active, hot, rising, dry, nebulous, and aggressive. Ying and Yang cannot exist outside of each other and are interdependent. They must be kept in proper balance because it’s the balance that creates good health and positive emotions. In the case of imbalance, various illnesses can arise, with symptoms that vary according to whether there’s an excess or deficiency of Chi.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Chi excess can arise as a result of polluted water or air, or other environmental toxins. It can also come as a result of strong negative emotions, stress, overeating, or excessive physical activity. A Chi deficiency can take various forms, such as lack of fresh air, clean water, sleep, food, shelter, or other things necessary for the body to function properly. It can also be a lack of love, social interaction, or mental stimulation.

Chi has five cardinal functions:

  1. Actuation – Chi is responsible for maintaining the life energy you need to develop and grow properly. It includes all the functions, such as meridians, blood, and organs.
  2. Defending – Chi defends the body against environmental factors, pathogens, and other external elements that can cause illness.
  3. Warming – Chi regulates body temperature and helps produce heat so normal bodily functions can occur. In case of deficiency, you can experience cold limbs and lowered body temperature.
  4. Transformation – Chi is responsible for transforming air and nutrients into different subsets of Chi (such as blood).
  5. Containment – Chi is responsible for making sure that all the fluids and organs are kept in their proper places.

Universal Energy

All universe is energy in motion. Your life energy and your physical body are forms of energy, which is proven by modern physics. Physicists have found waves of energy by delving deeper into the fundamental nature of physical matter. Your Chi is your life energy, and it enables your body to perform its functions. The mind is also a form of energy, and to feel your life or body energy, you must use your mind. The part of your mind you use is what is called feeling awareness. You have to understand and embrace the concept of Chi to be able to move from awareness to mindfulness to realization.

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