Dear Universe

I’m wary of anyone claiming to be enlightened. How do you know? What is enlightenment and where is the line in the sand? I thought only saints and holy men could become enlightened. Is it discovered through seeking or does it find you? ~ Michael, San Diego

Dear Michael

Enlightenment is the transition from separation to unity consciousness. It is neither a beginning nor an end but is the moment one realizes everything in the Universe is interconnected–even apparent paradoxes such as relativity and the absolute, the Creator and all of Creation. Thus, all of life is realized as miraculous and holy. In the third dimension within the illusion of time and space, it seems as if enlightenment comes in stages and is something to be obtained. In truth, you neither seek it nor it seeks you, but is the very nature of your Being. Put your attention within and you will soon discover enlightenment , or self-realization, for yourself hiding in plain sight.

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