1. A fully developed commitment is worth recording and sharing with others.  If you undertake designing your life’s legacy with clear intentions, focus and momentum become easier.  With the support of a trusted coach during your journey, an independent perspective can help you follow through with all actions for completion.
  2. You are able to create and maintain meaningful friendships and relationships. In the quality of a great life, real connections matter more than control over assets or increasing returns.  With moments, events and activities to look forward to, there is a proper feeling of balance.  Our legacy needs to reclaim both genuine connections as well as our full range of emotions so that our heart can experience more than the thrill of productivity.
  3. Bold choices mean you don’t always have to please others.  Perhaps there was a buried hobby that can now grow and develop your identity.  Perhaps you would like to speak up finally about something important to you.  Two common patterns I see are (1) putting ourselves last and (2) believing our voice matters.  I listened to a comedian, Tom Segura, joke that he only has the power to decide whether the elevator door stayed open or not.  In reality he actually has much more potential than that.  Be bold or nothing will ever get done.
  4. Start to really care about your living environment.  Recently, I have set aside time to learn about feng shui.  While this type of interior design may or may not be a necessity, art can be hung in the correct cardinal direction, walls can be painted in the right colors and objects can be placed in the appropriate corners.  Removing physical clutter to create open spaces can be a tough step to fully move forward in one’s development but it also means personal responsibility in all details. Even eliminating clutter on one’s desk, once and for all, can feel difficult.  Though it feels great afterward, it is an exercise to overcome one more area of inertia.  Creating new possibilities is an act of will.
  5. Customized decisions start to become the best practice.  On a daily basis, incorporate both better self-care as well as care in your approach to contribute to others.  Each of us has specific learning and love languages, such as what words or expressions create a more influential impact.  Customizing means thinking beyond cookie-cutter solutions.  It is about your awareness of what is best for you and what can add value to others in fully seeing and hearing them.  Others may be surprised by your approach at first but over the long run, your bespoke choices will be genuinely appreciated.
  6. Activities start to become personalized.  You plan your days and nights with intent.  How you invest and spend your remaining time matters.  Time is our most precious resource that we cannot get back.  People who have had loved ones pass away know time cannot be taken for granted.  How you plan each day around what you value should be included in your weekly and annual planner.
  7. You start to become more resourceful.  It is not always about who has the most resources, but rather, how gratefully we utilize the resources we do have.  You begin to notice more of what and who is around you.  Creativity, especially when all clutter is removed, comes to the forefront and ideas become a lot easier.  When you tap into appreciation, many people report receiving more than anticipated in our multi-dimensional reality.  Being resourceful is creativity.
  8. Your inner voice is your self compass.  When you listen to your inner voice, you can change your inner landscape. Lasting transformation comes from the inside.  While advertising messages work on developing our pseudo self and enabling our ego, listen more to your instincts and trust your intuitive self.  We may not realize how much advertising’s constant stimulus triggers the focus of our energy or attention.  Yet, when our inner world finds its center, we accept and nurture our true self-compared to an idealized version.  Trust your instincts.
  9. Your personal values become the foundational pieces of how you love others.  Once you are in sync, you can clean up other life areas. You see, it is not just governments that kick the can down the road leaving problems to the next generation … you too can leave unresolved emotional matters to family members.  But, when you sort out what you can and have the important conversations, your legacy can become better.  Live up to your potential compared to relying on entrenched excuses to end toxic patterns once and for all.  Regardless of one’s net worth, anyone can become a “famillionaire” by intentionally giving love to those who matter.  And, trauma not transformed gets transferred to loved ones around us.
  10. Get to a place where you can live and create from a vibrational frequency of 310 or higher (preferably 500 or above). Thus, expand your consciousness.  This means you release shame and guilt as lower density emotions and work through feelings of apathy and grief.  Shif your daily energy up the scale.  While anger can motivate you to reach goals, it can also burn you out over time.  While pride is above anger, pride can still keep you trapped related to your evolution. Pride also prevents you from seeing the bigger picture.  When we know we have it in our being to create our future, there is less opportunity for chance and more desire to commit.  Thus, knowledge is the antithesis of belief.

    Our time is priceless and we don’t fully realize this until we re-evaluate our legacy.  What will be preserved after we die?  Wonderful jams and jellies? 

    Usually, this reflection happens at weddings or funerals but it can also happen on any weekday or weekend.  One’s wealth is not the only source or definition of identity or legacy.  Our life itself is a source of abundance with gifts, possibilities, and reasons to create and contribute.  So fully experience the life you are given.  The only regret will be the actions you did not take.