You are feeling stuck in everything, but nobody is giving a damn about you. Can you really do anything? I doubt that.

You feel neglected and isolated:

You have sent 300 job applications, but you have got no response. You are trying to explain your vision to the world, but nobody gives a shit. What do you do? I have been having these problems for years. I have searched on Google for the entire sentence “what to do if nobody listens to you?” However, instead of getting any solutions, I have got hundreds of suggestions why nobody listens to you. Some suggest 3 reasons, some suggest 10 reasons, and some suggest even 25 reasons. I read some of them, but none seems relevant to me and I could use none of them.

Suggestions are useless:

I started writing some months ago. I do not write for the living but this is my passion. I wrote a lot and sent several hundred guest posts. But nobody published my pieces, nobody even wrote me back. Then I started writing on Medium but very few people read my stories.

I have now started answering questions since yesterday. Here, I got a very positive welcome. In a single day, I have had almost 60 thousand views. I am very glad that people are reading my answers that were based on my articles which never became alive. There have been plenty of suggestions but all are useless

All I am trying to say that you cannot apply other’s suggestions. You have to find your own methods that are suitable for you if you want to be heard.
In some cases, it is extremely hard to be heard. People use sometimes bizarre, sometimes they use them even deadly method in order to be heard. I saw the news, someone was running naked during Wimbledon tennis tournament to attract attention. There are incidents that people jumped from high buildings to be heard.

Creativity is not enough, you need luck, too:
You are thinking that you have a creative and innovative vision, but nobody cares. You submit your idea to many companies but never get feedback. You post a good video on YouTube but you get no view. You write here on Medium, but nobody reads. What do you do? I have experienced those, too. I think it has something to do with your luck. It happens many times that a picture or a video suddenly viral and becomes worldwide hit. For me, things seem to be going better. Readers are reading my answers.

The way I got the job:

About the job, I can tell you my story. I did send more than 500 applications but never got a single feedback. I started to look for direct emails of some key managers of some companies and I wrote unsolicited application directly to them. I was contacted by a director and got a job as the business consultant following 3 months trainee job. Eventually, I got a permanent job.

You got to find your own way to be heard.

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