We live in a culture that is so embroiled with fear, that we often don’t even realize when it has saturated and permeated our thoughts and our language. You may have the best intentions, and yet be unknowingly seeding your goals and dreams with the frequency of fear.

When I saw these words at the top of my Facebook newsfeed, “Lead the fight against…”, my heart sank. While the post was attempting to raise awareness around an important medical issue, it left me wondering how we can raise awareness around important issues in a way that doesn’t invoke a battle and that uses more conscious and empowering language.

Because fighting against something, fighting against anything, keeps you entangled in the very problems you wish to solve.

Think about it for a moment…

Going up against anything, engages you with “the enemy”; it calls you to battle with a dark ominous force. If you are “battling against”, “waging a war on”, or “leading a fight against” something, what energy are you holding and calling in? Anger. Hatred. Fear.

There is deep wisdom in the words of Mother Teresa who famously said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” In the same vein, fighting against anything, actually serves to keep you entangled in the very field of struggle that you are seeking freedom from. Through your forceful opposition, you end up connecting yourself to exactly what you don’t want.

This does not mean that you ignore the issue or stay silent. It’s not about denial or burying your head in the sand.

Rather, it is about choosing a way to consciously navigate through your challenges— finding a way that uplifts you out of the problem set, allows you to rise above the struggle, supports you in moving towards what you truly desire, and gives you access to the peaceful and harmonious outcomes you crave — without lowering yourself to match the fearful vibration of the issues you face.

The way you approach something, the consciousness you bring to it, lays the foundation for what emerges.

A tree will bear the fruit of the seeds you plant. In other words, you harvest what you plant. In such, you cannot plant fear or worry, expecting love or trust to grow.

How do you liberate yourself from fear?

When you raise your level of awareness and see things from a higher perspective — choosing to approach them in a way that is empowered and holds the vibration of what you would like to see achieved — your world opens and the possibilities available to you greatly expand.

In this, you can use your free will, your power of choice, your gift of consciousness, to affect change in a way that raises your vibrational frequency and aligns you to your desires more harmoniously.

Collectively we have reached a point where it is truly time to consciously shift the way we think about, and the way we approach, changing the things we don’t like in our world. You can no longer continue to operate unconsciously, even with the best of intentions, and wonder why your life is such a struggle and our world is dripping with so much fear-based consciousness. You can no longer fight against things, seeding the world with battle and fear, expecting love to grow or genuine healing to occur.

How do you shift and approach this more consciously?

1. Become aware of the words you use.

Set the intention to raise your awareness and become more mindful of your language and your thoughts. Examine the words you frequently use. Are they more empowering and positive in nature? Are they perhaps unknowingly disempowering with a more negative flavor to them?

This is not about judging yourself or your language, rather about getting honest with yourself and becoming more mindful about both your word choices and the perspective through which you are viewing the world.

2. Get clear on the outcomes you desire.

What is it you truly want to achieve? What is the end result you want to see? Are you fighting against something from a space of anger, hatred, or fear, or are you moving towards health and freedom, from a space of inspiration, love and empowerment?

3. Approach this from a clean emotional space.

Release any personal baggage you may be holding onto around the issue you are facing. Be willing to let go of any emotional charge or attachments that lower your frequency and drag your energy down. This will allow you to speak from a more empowered space, of offering solutions, of moving towards what you want vs. battling against what you don’t want and in such perpetuating the fearful vibrations that are not resonant with your actual desired goals.

4. Be the lighthouse. Hold the space of the outcome you desire.

Once you have a clear goal in mind, embody and live from this space as if you have already achieved your desired outcome.

Make an offering from a space of what you are moving towards. Use your clear powerful voice to affect change in a way that helps raise the vibration of the entire planet. When you hold your vibrational frequency high, and shine your bright inner light, people will be drawn up towards you. You do not have to lower yourself, dim your light, or sink in vibration, to meet them in their problem set. Instead, be the lighthouse. Stand tall as the frequency of love, illuminating the path for others, allowing them to raise their vibrational frequency as well.

5. Choose the frequency of Love.

Love is a vibrational frequency. Love is not always soft and mushy. Love is powerful and can be fierce. At times in love, you say “no”, finding the courage to walk away from what is unaligned with your true authentic self. The pure vibration of love, the frequency of love in its truest form, alchemises fear, transmutes your pain, and opens you to the miracles and healing that you seek.

As you move towards the goals and the outcomes you desire, hold the knowing that you will eventually arrive where you aim and where you focus your attention. Choose to connect and share from a space of love vs. fear — fierce love, brave love, beautiful authentic love; every single time. You will not only raise your vibrational frequency, but that of the entire planet as well.

Diana Rose Kottle

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