By Dolores Florentino

Here is the scenario, you did your job search, and found a lot of openings, sent your resume, was invited for an interview…..and the waiting time is killing you.

The worst part of it all, you received an email or response just to let you know you did not make it and wish you the best on your job search.

Can you relate? How are you managing the rejection in this case? 

You probably should not be in this situation if you created a job plan or strategy that you can follow and move forward with ease because you know that you will probably expect something like this.

First and foremost, let me just emphasize the first part of my point, you of all people know will best identify the job that you need to apply for. If you are the type of candidate that keeps sending the resume for whatever position that is available and not really evaluating if it is a match to your skills or not, then the probability is that you will highly get rejected.

To avoid this from happening, consider following the tips below to carefully strategize your job search.

1. Identify your strengths and abilities

Do a career assessment and see what type of career suits you best. From there, try to figure out if that is the plan you wish to follow. Click this link to do the career assessment.

2. Create a plan

Make sure that you have a plan ahead to see the progress of your job application. This can also help you focus on your strengths rather than being frustrated with your actions. Change or update your plan as needed to see what is wrong and is working.

3. Continue to Learn

At this stage, since you have set your plan, make sure that you consistently focus on your career path, continue to improve your skills as this will also be an edge in your career growth.

4. Network 

Choose the right connections that will introduce you to the right network. This will give you a higher chance to get noticed. Join events that are necessary to participate.

5. Do not be afraid to invest in yourself

Invest in yourself. Do not wait for others to invest in you, this is something that as a professional should always be considering. You owe it to yourself and you will reap the reward when the time is right.

Rejection will always be a part of the job application, but somehow can be avoided. Strategize and use your resources properly.

Get the job you want not what you need. If you love what you do, you will do everything to achieve it.

It’s better to work with a job that you really desire. So take this moment, to plan and strategize your steps as you start your job searching to avoid getting rejected.

If you still get rejected, use this as a learning curve to improve whatever it is that you are doing and to make sure that you will avoid the same mistakes again.

Good luck, keep your head up, everybody experiences this, it’s time to think differently and put the right actions in place.

Till next time…