Here are few scenarios of how people view their brain as :

Scenario one – Brain is like a computer switchboard, where countless neurons transmit chemical signals to each other thus forming thoughts, strategies, emotions, decisions and so forth.

Scenario two – Brain is like this second person living within ourselves. If you notice, we constantly have discussions with ourselves ! Now why is that ? It is because, at the root level – we have accepted the fact that the brain can think on its own and so can we. Therefore, we are constantly in touch with our brain for the very basic reason of getting a second opinion of our personal opinion. And during this process, either the brains works for us or works against us.

Scenario three – Brain is like the power house of our body, just like mitochondria is to the cell. In this case, we have accepted the brain as this super power whom we need to obey. People who view their brain from this perspective – often let their thoughts control them and not the other way around.

Now comes the REALITY – In today’s world, brain is like/been used as this dopamine ( the chemical responsible for all the happy emotions ) manufacturing machine because of our lifestyle. If you notice, you might realise that – Along with the numerous advancement our generation has made , we have also become very soft in nature. You can see more and more people breaking down and simply giving up, at the first instance they face any difficulty. This is primarily due to our lifestyle, which revolves around being comfortable. Now, why are humans in this generation addicted to being in comfortable situations ( be it good or bad ) ? – It is because of the certainty factor. In other words, we (humans) have developed this habit of being in control of the outcome. So in order to achieve this, one has to know what he/she is dealing with, right ? So where do you think we get this from ? The answer is – comfortable situations – due to the fact that, in comfortable situations we know what we are getting into.

Note: This kind of system is the exact reason why we are not able to achieve what we really want. Because, in order to achieve something that we have never achieved – we must be willing to do something we have never done.

Now let me tell you, WHAT I THINK BRAIN REALLY IS !

I perceive my brain as a SWORD. Yes, you heard that right. It is the weapon we are equipped with for our journey of life. We need to make use of this brain to our advantage – if we really want to lead a fulfilling life and cut all the problems and issues that are bringing us down. Now, it is a known fact that – great warriors had exceptional swords. How do you think one makes an exceptional sword ? Very simple – by putting the sword through fire numerous time and hitting it hard each time the sword goes through the fire. Similarly, If we want to be great warriors in our journey – we must put our brain through fire ( i.e – through difficult times ) and push ourselves harder each time while going through these tough times ( just like we hit the sword harder each time it passes through the fire ) in order to make our brain more sharp and effective.

Hope this blog has given you a new perspective and encouraged you to re-think some of your beliefs.