That’s me? OMG. You see this? I am BEAUTIFUL!” — Amy Schumer as Renee in her new movie “I Feel Pretty.”

Amy plays an insecure, carb-loving girl next door whose hilarious freak accident in spin class has an astonishing effect. Her head injury transforms her self-image and all of a sudden she thinks she’s the most gorgeous woman on earth:

Yes, modeling is an option for me, but it’s not who I am.”

Her new pretty-girl identity changes how she acts:

She puts herself forward for dates and promotions, because how can she deprive the world of experiencing her awesomeness? And as Oprah says in her recent SuperSoul Conversation with Amy: “You become what you believe.”

I’m counting the days until the movie opens at my local theatre, but in the meantime, I want what she’s got. I want to feel pretty and powerful too.

So, how can we feel so freaking amazing that we become unstoppable just like Amy, but without the knock to the head?

What would Oprah say?

We’ve all followed Oprah long enough to understand that it’s not really about looking pretty. It’s about self-love and celebrating whatever the mirror throws back at you so you feel beautiful at any weight and any age.

But how do you even get started on loving yourself and the way you look?

And how do you know if you’re getting better at it?

You can’t assess your progress if you don’t measure it, which is why I’m introducing:

The Schumer Scale of Feeling Pretty.

This is not a measurement of how some random guy on Tinder would rate you and even supermodels can get a low score.

It’s about how you feel.

Your result on the Schumer Scale is way more important than the number of wrinkles on your face or the size of your dress. It’s your own assessment of the most important thing in there is:

Your self-love.

So on a scale from 0 to 10:

How pretty do you feel right this minute?

The goal is to get a perfect 10, worthy of that first-kiss-feeling as often as possible, but most of us have to begin further down on the scale. I know I do.

Today is only a 2. I’m PMSing all over the place and I got a pimple even if I’m freaking 48!”

The big question is of course:

How do you escalate on the Schumer Scale?

No, please don’t go on a diet or schedule plastic surgery.

Instead, do something healthy and wholesome that makes you fall more in love with yourself right this minute. Pretend you got a knock like Amy’s character and start seeing yourself as 100 % stunning.

These are my easy self-love techniques to feeling pretty that you can do right away:

The 5 minute spa/dance party.

Sneak away to the office stock room or lock the bedroom door to hide from your kids. Lose yourself in a relaxing guided meditation or disco dance to your favorite girl power anthem on YouTube. You’ll feel like an angelic beauty or hotter than Beyoncé in no time.

Nourish Your Body.

Let your body tell you what it needs right now, and it might not be that double espresso you reach for every time you feel tired. I’m willing to bet it could be a cool, delicious glass of water complete with cucumber slices or a lemon twist. But don’t take my word for it. Nobody knows your beautiful body like you do.

Plan a girls night out.

The best tip is an obvious one.

Text your guy friends: Girls night out on Friday so be prepared to cook up something for the kids. Your darling wife is coming with me to the movies to watch “I Feel Pretty.” Don’t wait up.

Celebrate your beauty.

Right this minute there’s a pretty little dress crying in your closet because she hasn’t been out for months. We all have plenty of beautiful clothes, jewelry, and makeup that we never use. Pretend today is your birthday and put on your prettiest feel-good outfit and sexiest lipstick. You’ll soar on the Schumer Scale instantly!

Feel pretty with color.

Wearing your favorite color is the most nourishing thing you can do for your eyes and your soul. Colors affect the feelings of both you and everyone you come in contact with and is a powerful mood booster.

I’m a fashion stylist and my number one trick to rise on the Schumer Scale of Feeling Pretty is to wear a color that makes you feel amazing and that also makes you glow because it’s perfect for your hair and skin.

Just check out Amy Schumer’s stunning red and pink dress in the headline photo. 

I often do a complete color analysis for my clients, but in order to help as many women as possible, I’ve invented a shortcut called: Hilde’s Color Snap Technique.

It shows you exactly which colors make your hair and skin look pretty as punch in just one minute. You don’t have to change anything about yourself, simply find the colors that enhance your natural inborn beauty. All you need is your smartphone, some colored objects from around the house, and BINGO you know your best colors.

You can find Hilde’s Color Snap Technique by clicking HERE.