So, how do you wear yours?
Upright, or slumped?
With love, or negativity?
With confidence, or with discomfort?

This was a great question that a dear friend and an amazing osteopath, Sophie, used in our wellbeing workshop and I saw everyone’s ears prick up and backs straighten!

So many of us roll out of bed each morning and go about our morning routine without even thinking about what we carry around every day. I had previously spent too much time thinking about how I wear my hair, makeup and what clothes to put on.

We blame our bodies for various things, or we fail to see the beauty in the reflection of the mirror each day. Your brilliant body performs so many tasks each day without us needing to consciously think about it, from our heart pumping blood around our body that keeps the life flowing through every system in the body, the hormones working as our ‘internal sat nav’ to keep us on track and in balance, the trillions of cells that work 24/7 to clear, protect and grow and the more visible parts that allow us to experience life.

So wear yours well, be gracious with all the things it allows you to do and if you need to make changes, then first find what you like about it. Start there!

You are a perfect little potion
A miracle to earth
A river of love and energy
You are the beauty that is birth
You’re a cloud of hope and feelings
In a never ending sky
A branch entwined with those around
Growing side by side
You are a candle in a lantern
On a dark and rainy night
You’re a log a burning ember
A fighting shinning light
You’re a tide that falls and rises
A single grain of sand
The wind that roars so wildly
And the silence in my hand
You are my BODY, you are my FUTURE
My love, my life, my view
And you will carry me forever
So I will nourish a better you…

With permission from Leigh James Parfitt ©

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