Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. While the prospect of making good money is already there, it also comes with its own challenges that can cause a certain level of stress and burnout should it go unchecked. And as one’s career develops, it’s inevitable that more responsibilities are needed to be done and taken care of. 

So how does an entrepreneur on the rise, or one that has already established their name in the industry deal with stress? Austin Adduci, a serial entrepreneur, shares his approach. 

Acknowledging Stress is the First Step 

According to Austin, the first thing to do is acknowledge the feeling of burn out since this can help determine the physical and emotional symptoms that are present. 

“Without acknowledging these symptoms, we are simply masking the problems that brought us to the point of burnout.Try slowing life down, taking a moment to see life from 30,000 feet in the air rather than always being caught in the thick of it,” he said. 

Analyzing Obstacles Methodically 

When about to face a struggle or challenge, Austin said that he always takes a moment to methodically analyze what’s in front of him. 

“Often. people just dive right in out of anxiety and/or fear. In turn, exasperating the problem or obstacle,” he said.  

The Story of Austin 

Austin wasn’t always the serial entrepreneur that he is now. He started back in 2010 as a real estate agent who had the right mindset that took him far and allowed him to grow his business. 

After eight years of working in his real estate company, Austin sought new challenges and began dedicating his time to new projects and ventures. From then on, he has been investing in start-ups and purchasing businesses across different industries. 

Being a serial entrepreneur, sticking to one industry did not cut it for him. As someone who loves a good challenge, he was out and ready to make himself known in different trades. 

During the last few years, the entrepreneur has dedicated a fraction of his time to trading silver and gold, which he excelled in thanks to his discipline and focus. But Austin did not stop there. 

He recently acquired Dtox Day Spa and has been franchising it in Los Angeles. 

Apart from being an entrepreneur and having so many different projects going at the same time, Austin is also a licensed IFR pilot since the age of 14 and is also a master driver. 
Learn more about Austin Adduci by checking out his Instagram account (@austinadducila)