The fashion influencer world is considered one of the best careers that you can venture in. This industry seems to attract the attention of women from all around the world. Many women have made it in the industry by showcasing their fashion on social media platforms and other digital media. Despite this, Eddie Otero, a male fashion influencer, has overcome all odds to make it in an industry that is precisely dominated by women. Eddie Otero is considered a thorn in the flesh of many women who have made it big in the fashion world.  All this just because he commands a huge following when it comes to fashion influencing.

Not many men will venture in the fashion world without facing hurdles. This is because women seem to capture the attention of many people with their unique fashion lines. Eddie has gone against this notion by showcasing how men can also be fashion influencers. However, to Eddie, the sky seems to be the limit, and fashion influencing is a path that he will never run away from.

Eddie Otero Biography

Eddie is a graduate with a Major in Advertising and Film making. His love for fashion has made him a thorn in the flesh of many influencers. Not many men will do this effectively considering how women seem to capture the attention of most people thanks to their top-notch fashion lines. 

The success of Eddie has come as a surprise to many people who know him from his childhood life. This is because he never showed any sign of becoming a big name in the industry as is the case with most fashion influencers. To be precise, his early life was centered on eating and staying indoors. As the old saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover,” Eddie eventually decided to try fashion. This is after meeting one Stephanie Cosmopolitan, a friend, who introduced him to the fashion world.

Eddie’s Style

Just like most fashion influencers, Eddie joined the industry by posting his photos on social media. Before he could know it, he was attracting followers from different countries around the world. As more and more followers joined his social media platforms, Eddie’s zeal for fashion took a considerable turn around.

Eddie Otero started posting photos with the intention of capturing the attention of followers while at the same time showcasing his unique outfit. However, not every outfit will capture the attention of other people. You must be ready to put on a unique outfit which showcases your love for fashion. This is highly evident in the photos that Eddie posts on his social media platforms.

Social Media and Fashion influencing

Fashion influencing and social media have a close relationship. It has proven beneficial to many fashion influencers since it has made them who they are today. For this reason, fashion lovers are never afraid of expressing their feelings by posting photos which speak a lot about their lifestyle and love for fashion. A look into Eddie’s Instagram account with 176k followers shows how social media impacts fashion. The account has a more personal look into his early life and how he became a force to reckon with in fashion influencing.

The love that Eddie has for social media goes beyond Instagram alone. He also commands a huge following on Twitter and Facebook from where he interacts with his followers.  Eddie is a star that will continue shinning for many more years to come. His unique style and style has opened the way for other men who want to venture in the fashion industry.


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