Education System Is making students stressed and sick

Education is very important for the children because they are only the future of the world. It gives people the skill, knowledge, abilities need to the native world. An educated people has more chances of landing up a good high paying jobs, better and happy life, world as just and fair, turn your dreams into reality.  But at some point of time this education system puts a burden on the children for being the first in the race. There is a pressure on the students to achieve high level of academic success through Online Nursing Assignment help, so the joys of education is making the children’s feel anxious, depressed and sick. We all want a job that pays us in six figures every month but no one is ready to look at the education system that how come it is going to assist in getting a job of six figures.

Now in this article we will about problems in the education system that is making students feel stressed, anxious and sick.

Education System Is making students stressed and sick

Education System promotes only competition:

The whole education system is geared towards achieving the better outcomes rather than the measures, what kids love to learn, and consequently there is a hierarchy of pressure. There is too much testing, too much competition and comparison between the students and are unable to bear the pressure and due to this they feel anxious, tensed and sick. Students are being focused on the academic outcomes only rather than understanding the concepts. So the education system must focus on the analytical skill by providing other means of gauging a student’s intellectual capacity.

Zero focus on Personality building:

Education system does not focus on the students but focus on the grades. Most institution thinks that academic qualification and certificates from higher education are more important than a personality building. Our system demands good numbers from child in exams not to show his personality. Hence a child is not well exposed to outer world and he or she might not be able to develop a personality. So the students here do not find the proper job of their personality and they feel tensed and sick.

No focus on Critical analysis:

Our education system do not focus critical analysis. They are simply not able to look things from their own point of view. Our system does not reward original thinking. According to Assignment Help Memorization is still the most common way of learning. This is due to the fact that most examination can only be answered by one specific answer. Memorizing is not exactly learning. One must develop a culture of looking at things critically, if we want a better society. Our Government must provide programs that would create opportunities to analyze and solve problems with innovation.

Lack of Inspiration Within students:

Our educational system does not inspire students to create a better lives for themselves. Students lack the ambition to be better. They are satisfied with the high pay jobs rather than being a good citizen. Education should be a person’s key to success. The government should design a school education system that motivate them to create their own business and help out their fellow citizen in the future.

Lack of Skills:

Students are not taught any specific skill that will benefit them in finding jobs. The educational system in the country should focus on providing technical skill development instead of concentrating on higher education textbooks, school should concentrate on providing training. Some skills such as decision making, computer know how system analysis, sales and marketing. If our system focuses on these skills more students would be able to realize the importance of education.

Inefficient Educators:

Educators must inspire the students to do more in their lives. They should be able to help the students realize the importance of education. But they themselves do not have proper training. There are teachers who actually go by the thinking that they will get the pay no matter what, they are not concerned about the learning of the students in their classes. The government should find a way to give educators a reason to be excited to teach every day. Educators must expose a global education method and standards.


Education should be a person’s key to success. So our government should make education its first priority.