The author Robert Tew once said “The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.” This struggle can really be put into perspective in entrepreneurship. For Aidan Sowa, CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency, fear of losing clients, a brand which was not established and the lack of funds was a constant stress as he started his company.

Before starting a business, Aidan only had seen the good side of business. He had seen entrepreneurs on the internet making $10k-50k/month running digital agencies and he saw that they were often even in their 20s. As a result, he decided to shift from everything he was doing and he started a digital agency.

The first thing he noticed is the methods which the “gurus” were teaching barely worked as hundreds of people had already tried them. These methods ranged from sending messages to people on Facebook, hosting Facebook lives, posting on Facebook and cold calling restaurants and chiropractors. These businesses would even refuse free trials from him and hang up on him.

After six months, he had nearly given up and thought that perhaps these gurus were just faking their success on the internet and it was no longer possible to succeed as a marketer. He started spending his days mindlessly scrolling on the internet while searching for some ray of hope.

Aidan remembers recognizing that he was on a bad path as he started dreading waking up to cold call local businesses.

However, he finally came across a book by Grant Cardone called “Be Obsessed or Be Average.” In this book, he learned about setting crazy goals and reaching them.

Soon after, he committed to spending time on improving his company to provide services which his customers wanted. “I started to realize that the reason I wasn’t succeeding was because I was only in this business for myself. I wasn’t obsessed on making sure my clients were happy,” he says.

Aidan started reaching out to his customers and he became obsessed about learning about their needs. He talked to other marketers to see how they were innovating and he saw that everyone was running Facebook ads, designing websites, and selling chatbots. As a result, he started establishing connections to offer his clients to get unique services such as getting them featured in the media, featuring them in podcasts and Instagram celebrity giveaways.

Now Aidan has been featured in major media sites such as Fox, ABC, NBC, MarketWatch and many more sites. He also a gallery of case studies and testimonials on his website.

“The opportunities which have been opened up to me because of my ability to focus on my customer’s needs rather than my own has been extraordinary. Next time you are struggling, ask yourself: What can I do to innovate and provide for my clients?” Aidan said.