Amy Crumpton, Business & NLP Mindset Coach and Founder of Social Cactus shares her top five mindset tips to help entrepreneurs to enjoy business success in 2021.

Amy Crumpton of Social Cactus
Amy Crumpton, Business and NLP Mindset Coach, Founder of Social Cactus

So many people work themselves into the ground, not enjoying their business journey one bit. But that’s not why you run your own business. I’m going to share with you five easy tips that you can implement right now to ensure you are happier in your business, and enjoying more success.

When you wake up each morning tell yourself it’s going to be an amazing day! It’s easy to grab your phone first thing in a morning and consume the news and social media before you’ve even decided the type of day you want to have. Tell yourself today will be amazing and make a conscious effort to keep reminding yourself whilst you’re getting ready. A positive mindset as soon as you wake up will set you up for a fabulous day. Remember, positivity spreads so when someone asks you how you are that day say you are amazing – avoid saying things not bad or could be worse, focus on the power of positive language and watch how your mindset starts to transform.

Write yourself a badass list to show yourself how bloody badass you really are. Our brains are usually wired to forget all the awesome things we have achieved in life so by writing out a list of all the incredible things you’ve done will remind you just how amazing you really are. Check it and add to it regularly. This will become a fab record of your achievements and buoy you up in lower moments.

Flex that confidence muscle – We are all born with confidence, however over the years people can lose their sparkle and can start to label themselves as not a confident person. The way around this is to start flexing that confidence muscle again – just like riding a bike, you need a little bit of reminding but you never really forget. Get out of your comfort zone and do something that feels scary – the more you can flex your confidence muscle the more confident you will feel. 

Surround yourself with positivity. For instance, how many times a day do we all pick up our phones? Too many to count! So use that time to inject some positivity into your day. Change your screensaver to a motivational quote which will inspire and encourage you to think positively and smile whenever you pick up your phone.  

Every day visualise the life you want to have. Really feel into this being a reality now and imagine how you will think, act and feel when you have your dream life. A great way to start is to create a vision board of your goals. This could be your dream home, car, body, bank balance – stick photos up where you can see them daily and then close your eyes and imagine yourself already owning those things. Your brain will start to look for ways to make this happen and you will find yourself unconsciously taking action to make create this dream life for yourself. Have a goal and a vision to work towards gives you some purpose and as the new year approaches it’s a perfect time to get clear on what you want so you can create a plan to make it happen. 

Remember, taking charge of your mindset means taking charge of your business, your confidence, and your happiness. If you want more tips and advice, then apply for a complimentary discovery call with me as I’d love to speak with you!