No matter how much entrepreneurs want to be, they aren’t machines, but human beings. That means our focus and productivity, our happiness in life, are not as simple as putting a coin in a slot and delivering specific results.

This means the things in your life that make you happiest and your most productive will be unique to you.

That being said, no matter how unique you are, and no matter how much you love your work or how badly you want to succeed, if you don’t put effort into creating a work-life balance you will burn out and become less productive. You will be dissatisfied, you will be slow, and you won’t reach your long-term goals. When you think about your life as an entrepreneur, it’s important to see past the next thing you’re working on to the long-term goals. Can you survive your current lifestyle for ten or twenty more years? If you want to be successful in the long run, you’ll need a lifestyle that can support your endeavors.

Luckily, there have been many entrepreneurs who have traveled this road before you. The following tips have helped many entrepreneurs create a work-life balance that have helped them sustain their workload in the long run and become more satisfied human beings overall.

What Is Most Important To You?

You already know that your business is important to you. What else? When you know your priorities, you know what you value. This will help you prioritize what you do in your downtime. Common things people may value are their health, learning new things, and their friends and family. Schedule your days so you have more of what you value most in them.

Use A Schedule

You likely schedule time for work. It may seem odd to schedule a time for taking a bath or reading a book, but that’s exactly how busy people make these things happen. Put time on your schedule for friends, family, relaxation, reading, and exercise.

You Don’t Have Time For Fear

You have overcome fears that may have stopped you from working, but have you overcome fears that stop you from taking breaks? Many entrepreneurs fear failure and this keeps them from spending time on anything outside work. Believe that you can find a way to do both.

Turn Your Notifications Off

Evaluate how you use your phone. You can’t have a work-life balance if during your downtime, you are listening for email notifications. What notifications do you need sent to your phone at all times? Some people have found it useful to turn off all but the most essential notifications and set specific times into their day to check emails. Not only does this create better balance, but can make your email sessions more efficient. You can also schedule certain times of the day where you don’t look at ywour phone at all. Can you imagine having dinner with your phone turned off? If not, that may be a sign this could help you separate work time from the rest of your life.

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