Growing up I felt like I never really fit in…

I was too “nerdy” for the cool kids… I was too “cool” for the nerdy kids…

I was too “broke” to be one of the rich kids… I wasn’t broke enough to hang out with the “poor kids”

My parents always called me the alien of the family because I thought and acted differently than everyone else.

I wanted friends, I wanted to be “cool,” but more than anything I just wanted to fit in.. I wanted to feel accepted.

The problem was that I didn’t really know who I was… I hadn’t discovered who that person was and I wasn’t comfortable enough to show it.

Then one day I realized I WAS DIFFERENT… my whole life I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I was trying to “fit in” instead of being true to myself.

I knew that I had different aspirations than other people. I had different interests, motivations, and hobbies. I enjoy digging into a new book or an online course on a Saturday night, not going out and getting shitty drunk.

So I made a commitment to myself to pursue what made the happiest: entrepreneurship. I was fascinated by the ability to create a business and a lifestyle around your passions.

I wasn’t quite sure I was on the right track until we got our first customer.. and then another, and another…

It’s so fulfilling to see that Millennial Skills is actually making a difference in people’s lives because I was willing to make a commitment to myself.

The amount of peace and fulfillment that comes from making a decision like that is irreplaceable. I didn’t see that coming.

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I was stubborn at first and WASTED more time, money, and energy than I should’ve… Just because I DIDN’T LISTEN to anybody else.

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