If you have ever been rejected in life, by a friend, someone you love that didnt love you back, your parents or for a job you wanted so badly or by your husband or wife then you can relate with this article.

Growing up I was made fun of about my looks from telling me I had a big head to ugly legs to big eyes there was always something that people thought wasn’t right with me and unfortunately I believed it all without question.

As I grew older I mastered the way to push it under the carpet by acting it out in being rebellious and causing trouble then I grew older and it got worse when I got entangled in religion.

Religion played a good part in escalating the problem till I woke up, took the ball by the horn and walked away from religion to getting into a meaningful relationship with my maker, God. It was the relationship I had that opened my eyes to how my not facing the rejection issues, secretly holding on to it by suppressing it played a great part in living my best life.

By divine design I met a sister I didn’t know I had, Prophetess Jacqueline Ani who taught me about rejection and how it affects our lives negatively if we don’t deal with it she opened my eyes to the issue of rejection and why not facing it and dealing with it could affect areas of my life and prevent me from progressing.

I listened and applied wisdom to it all of course the relationship I had with God made it easy to deal with and a whole lot easier too as any believer will know when you come to the understanding of who God is, His nature and His intent it brings everything into perspective and a whole lot easier on the heart, mind and emotions.

Rejection has nothing on me now and can’t anymore there is nothing more liberating than that especially in the world we live in now where mental health is playing on people’s minds and ruining lives left right and centre.

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Below is Sade’s short film on mental abuse in the church against women.


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