Zoe Abbott is a Financial Consultant & Entrepreneur. Her background as a counselor gives her a unique ability to help her clients over the emotional hurdles surrounding money and get them to a point they are happy about their finances.

Zoe has worked with thousands of families and individuals across the country to build financial security and wealth. 

In this article Zoe shares her biggest distress tips, main tips for successful habits and more!

Biggest distress tips 

Zoe has quite a few distress tips, and one of them is what to do if there is ever a downturn in income or production. She states “The first thing to do is pour the coals on marketing and promotion coupled with hard work.” Another distress tip Abbott has is that you have the power to decide, always. She then mentions that you can change any situation you don’t like, and the first step is the decision. She strongly believes that from there you must concentrate on the wins and ignore the losses, continuing to move forward. 

Avoiding burnouts 

Abbott avoids a stressful day by trying to focus on happiness and enjoyment, as well as doing things that make you feel good and positive. She is very self-aware and seeks to enjoy everything she does, whether it’s working, social, or family activities. Zoe then states “I like to travel and work to mix business into that activity.” She also mentions that if she is ever feeling overwhelmed or hits a wall, she unplugs fully from the area or situation, reassesses, and then goes back in to tackle the obstacle. 

Main tips for successful habits 

Abbott’s main tips for successful habits is keeping in mind that something can always be done about a situation. She finds what she is able to do no matter how small, and then gradually increases her actions/habits. She comments how anything can be accomplished if you approach it from the correct gradient. Zoe has a strong decision to always be improving, so she monitors her progress upwards at all times. If she ever notices a stall or a successful pattern has dropped out, she does not hesitate and takes immediate action to improve it. 


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