Sean Chesser could have stayed put in Florida and continued working with someone who had a great business idea, but executed it horribly, and didn’t care about the staff or customers served by the organization. Instead of turning a blind eye to what his partner was doing with the business, he quit immediately and moved to Orlando.

Sean was in debt elimination before working with Izzy Sanchez. After an interview with Izzy’s cousin, Sean and Izzy were introduced. Together, they sold vacations. However, after a short time, Sean voiced his opinion about the timeshare industry. He saw how the supposed “assets” called timeshares are sold at exorbitant prices, often purchased spontaneously and under duress, are valued at $0 by the IRS, and would even leave a debt to heirs.

Sean Chesser of PMG

Sean and Izzy discussed their concerns and in May 2015, they incorporated Primo Management Group, Inc. (PMG). As an organization, PMG helps people who are desperately trying to get out of their timeshare contract, are experiencing hardships, and often people who were scammed or hurt by another company who promised to help them.

Giving value regardless of the cost

Sean and Izzy built PMG to help customers address problems related to timeshare ownership and provide long-term solutions. This organization became a beacon of hope for those who are financially drowning in spontaneous or inherited expenses. Part of their mission is to increase awareness around an existing industry focused on helping people get out of their timeshare contracts in a way that’s safe, ethical, and guaranteed.

PMG educates prospects and customers on the ways to use the internet to research purchases they make (not just timeshares). They teach people how to verify the claims of businesses and success stories. Even when prospects do not do business with PMG, they count the education and information provided to prospects as a win.

Sean described the first six months of business with PMG and the choice he and Izzy made to not take a paycheck. During that time, they focused on building relationships with their customers and team members. Concurrently, they completed extensive research on tactics used by resorts and established processes to effectively manage timeshare exit strategies.

Within a year, they generated success for themselves, their team members, and most importantly, their customers.

This year, they are on track to generate $7 million in revenue.

Success does not require a college degree

Sean does not have a college degree and laments on the false promises perpetuated by college education. He notes, “College gives people a promise that if they go to college, they will be successful. But that’s not true—they leave with debt.”

He admits one of his failures in the early days of the business was thinking he knows everything. Today, he makes up for this failure by surrounding himself with people he considers as more intelligent or as having more extensive knowledge than he does. Family members often compare Sean to his grandfather, the president of Time Magazine and the inventor of HBO. His grandfather staunchly believed you do not achieve success alone. He demonstrated that he needed people greater than—or farther along—than he was, so he could collaborate with and partner with them and put their cumulative knowledge to use.

Sean notes the most successful people he knows do not have college degrees—they learned how to take risks. Sean knows the higher the risk, the greater the reward. He also understands that committing to success and learning from your mistakes is the key to attaining success.

While trusting others felt a bit risky to Sean at first, he and Izzy are great supports for one another displaying that the risk to trust others (even a “stranger” with a similar vision) paid off in spades.

Asked about his greatest success in life, Sean replied, “My six-year-old son, Sean is my pride and joy. I can’t put into words what this guy means to me and the way he lifts me up. I almost cry every time I talk about him. He is my best friend and when I say he saved my life I mean it. God sent him to me for a reason!”