When was the last time you spent some time to take care of your body? Is it mandatory to devote time from the already busy schedule? Of course, it is. Because exercise has a ton of proven benefits upon your productivity.

You might already know the health benefits of exercise. Let’s dig deeper into how exercising daily can have a huge influence on your productivity.

I have specifically taken exercise at the gym because its many-fold likely that you stick on with the routine if you pay for that rather than squeezing out your self- motivation.

Without any due, let’s jump right on to the points.

1. Results in Better Time Management

A study by International Journal of Workplace Health Management proved that “workday exercise, not only improves well-being but participants noted a 72 percent improvement in time management and workload completed on days when they exercised.

Another research by National Center for Biotechnology Information, USA found out that “exercise ensures proper brain function in the hippocampus region. Not only does exercise keep blood, glucose and oxygen levels high, feeding the brain, but it also releases endorphins into the body giving your mood a boost”.

Who doesn’t wish to take complete control over time and brain that decides how productive you are?

2. Reduces Idle Time 

Stress is one of the major threats to productivity. It comes partly from having time on our hands to let our minds be in the loop of one worry to another and repeat.

When you spend a certain volume of your day at the gym, it reduces the idle time. Also, the workout will compel you to sign out from the hassles of a day to a tight sleep.

 So, you will be compelled to use the available time for finishing important tasks and your personal engagements.

3. Helps You Realise Your True Potential

All of us have a vague idea of our capabilities and abilities that have been installed to our brain in the course of our life journey. Our fears, inhibitions, a mix of life experiences that determine the outlook to certain things etc. have contributed to that.

 When you start working out at Gym, the trainer will instruct you to do each exercise for a fixed number/ time. 

Gradually, he/she will increase the intensity of each exercise and motivate you to attain that. This is a moment of realisation. You will come to understand that what you thought is impossible for you is possible!

You can replicate the same at your work/study. Just close your eyes and recall the moment when you reached a certain number of push-ups or any other exercise you thought wouldn’t be attainable. 

Then, pull out the task you have been procrastinating, because you thought you wouldn’t be able to bring yourself to do that.

4. Chance to Experiment on Focus

How focused are you at work? Unfortunately, we don’t have a universal standard for focus. But, we can increase it to a level where we finish all the To-dos of a day the earliest possible. 

Again, how can we push it further?

Yes. While you are at gym, you can carry out interesting experiments to find out the ways to increase your focus and how that helps you to do the difficult workouts seamlessly. 

Reproduce them at your work. 

Some examples are,

  • You can experiment how concentrating on music/ your favourite podcast makes the exercise you hate to do or find difficult, less burdensome.
  • While doing a workout, instead of seeing it as the whole task, you can divide that into tiny milestones and give a pat on your back every time you achieve small victories.
  • You can prioritise the workout based on the most to less favourite. And, do the least favourite at the beginning and see if you finish all, instead of cheating yourself towards the end.

After all, you are unique and what worked for another person might not work wonders for you. Why not experiment when there is a motivating factor of fun.

Test it and apply the same principles in your work. The result is guaranteed.

5. The Benefits of Joining a New Community

According to the study by the University of Warwick,” Irrespective of how highly productive workers may be initially, making them happier should help make them even more productive. Moreover, the greater the boost to happiness, the greater the resulting boost to productivity”.

Being in a community is always good for your mental health and makes you happier. 

The gym will help you to get in touch with a group of positive people who care for their well-being and is consistent at it. That will have a massive impact on your productive life.

So, we have seen how hitting the gym on a consistent basis can help you boost your productivity. Now, join the gym near your resident and make this best investment for the awesome life you want.